50 Free Volunteering Certificates

It is incumbent for your organization to award you a volunteering certificate. Employees deserve it for the hours they have rendered. You can request the certificate for your own personal reasons.

Either that or the organization, because of appreciation will give you one. Most organizations follow the latter. They usually have records to show that you indeed have done volunteered work.

The issuance of a certificate will also consider your training hours. It doesn’t matter if you accomplished the work internally or externally. For those who have done volunteer work, certificates are important. This is true, especially when applying for a job.

They serve as a recognition of your skills accumulated through volunteerism. When your organization appreciates your work, this becomes an incentive to perform better.

A pat on the back or some kind words are good. But a certificate is better because it is a concrete proof that they appreciate your work. This is more so with volunteers, especially the young, who are usually “not paid”.

Volunteering Certificate Templates

A certificate for their volunteer work increases their enthusiasm. It will definitely make them proud. Certificates given to volunteer workers should not merely be a thank you note. It should also provide what services they rendered.

Also, it identifies the importance of a volunteer. It should also include other data relevant to the nature of the volunteer hours. Also, make certificates on special stationary, making it suitable for framing.

Why do people do volunteer work?

Many organizations depend mostly on volunteer work. The nature can either be social, religious, charitable and more. Remember that this is volunteerism, and those who apply usually have a degree of interest in the work. Time, talent and enthusiasm are crucial factors to consider in volunteer work.

These would be useful when applied to charitable and community projects. Here are several reasons why you should get involved in volunteering and making it part of your life:

Volunteering helps you build and establish healthy relationships

Nowadays, you can contact your loved ones at the touch of your fingertips. The cellphone and the internet are all available to talk to your family anytime and anywhere. Yet, people feel lonelier now than they ever did before.

It may have something to do with physical presence. Online connections are not that effective in lasting relationships. A study has shown that the occurrence of feelings of loneliness is higher than ever. A third of people 45 and above consider themselves as lonely.

You can involve yourself in a company of people who support a project. This helps to create ways to develop strong relationships within the group. If possible, include your family members as volunteers too.

What better way to strengthen a family bonds. It is better than doing things together that you believe in. Later, the children will catch up and can be prospective volunteers.

Volunteering helps your professional life

Volunteerism could be a profitable venue. This is because you will be making connections outside your social network. Within one’s circle, the members already take part in the same kind of activities.

Also, they have the same acquaintances. Volunteering will expose you to new friends and new connections. This could lead him to better business opportunities. On volunteering in various clubs, it gets effective leverage for new social connections. Ultimately, it will certainly result in a career gain.

Volunteering helps the society

Most businesses today become very successful because they keep a robust volunteer workforce. Their reliance on such volunteers to accomplish their goals and missions is great.

In fact, it’s even greater than the reliance in their paid employees. Many businesses are not solely for profit. They’re also involved in projects that are good for the community. Sometimes the government may lack resources for certain community projects.

This is where businesses can take over. They can support projects with the help of their volunteers. It helps in meeting the needs of the people everywhere.

Take for instance campaigns committed to dealing with the issue of global poverty. They rely mainly on volunteers who freely give a significant amount of their time.

Volunteers help in fundraising, mobilization of different resources, and raising awareness. Such projects have been successful in two ways. First, they helped raise awareness on the problem of global poverty.

Second, they influenced the society to make changes. Indirectly it has a positive impact the poorest people in the world.

Volunteering makes a difference in the world

Dedicating yourself to a worthy cause without expecting anything, makes you special. Working for free will give you a chance to learn something new but always do it enthusiastically.

To succeed, put your heart into it. It will also give you that gratifying opportunity to pay back society for all the fortunes you have.

Volunteer Hours Certificates

Essential components of volunteering certificates 

Being a volunteer is not forced, it comes from the heart. In a material world, it would be very difficult to find willing volunteers. People who would share their expertise, professional services, and talent without any reward.

The best an organization can do is present volunteering certificates for services rendered. A volunteer hours certificate will make all the difference. It is evident an individual has volunteered his time and talent to a company or organization.

When making a template for certificates word it well. The wording will generously contribute to the holder’s resume. It throws a lasting impression on the recruiter’s when searching for a job.

The certificate should be formally-worded and formatted well. Include in bold font, the complete name of the organization presenting the certificate. Include the company’s logo if there is one.

For the certificate’s body, use formal language. Never use abbreviations and vary the font size and type. Double space your text lines and center all text. For the text’s body, you can start with a standard phrase.

For the volunteer’s name, use a bold font and underline for extra emphasis. Also, include in the text a description of the volunteer’s service. Also, include the length of service and special awards or accomplishments if any.

For convenience and without sacrificing formality, you can use certificates that are available. It is a matter of filling in the blanks. Or you can use a template that can be partially-filled on the computer, printed, then signed.

What’s the significance of a volunteering certificate?

The volunteering certificate gives the holder a sense of belonging and recognition. It is an official document that you can attach to your curriculum vitae when applying for a job. Unlike your resume, a certificate does not go into details.

But its concise content will vouch for your character when it comes to work ethics. The word “recognition” alone should suffice as a positive reinforcement. Many people would call it ridiculous if you tendered your talents and services for free.

But for some, they consider it an honor. It is also a way to discover new things. It broadens your personal skills and prepares you for future jobs. All the charity work is well-paid for by a well-written volunteer hours certificate.

volunteering certificate Samples

Making a superb volunteering certificate

It is human nature that volunteerism will happen when confronted with disasters. There are no invites, everybody will come to help. It doesn’t even have to be a disaster. In the emergency times, even fundraising events or blood drives gets volunteers. After each crisis, there is always a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

The recognition can come later, but for now, it is enough to feel good. But leaders in the community will always remember generosity and charity of volunteers. No need for physical rewards. Certificates are inexpensive, and they will do just fine.

Volunteers are a different breed of people. They expect no rewards for the time, talents and services they have rendered. A sincere thank you, a pat on the back, a smile or even a hug is good enough for their efforts. Making them feel good is their greatest compensation.

Even a certificate is an acknowledgment that’s beyond their expectations. But a certificate should also be presentable. Follow these simple tips to make it more memorable.

  • Take time when making the certificate. Place the logo of the organization issuing the certificate to make it more official.
  • Specify the volunteer agency and what your event was that required volunteers.
  • Make sure to use the complete name of the volunteer. Also, be sure you’ve spelled the name correctly.
  • Specify names of individuals or groups who the volunteer’s efforts helped.
  • The members of your organization’s board can also affix their signatures.
  • For a more formal presentation, have the certificate framed.

Making the certificate isn’t all that hard. But being humble and sincere in presenting will make the volunteer feels appreciated. It also gives them a sense of gratitude. Hopefully, they will volunteer again when the need arises.

Volunteering certificate Letter

Other ways to appreciate your volunteers

Giving a volunteering certificate is the best means of recognizing someone’s good works. But there are many other ways you can show gratitude to your dependable volunteers.

  • Tell your volunteers about their suitable work and the impact they are making. On completing an assignment, tell your volunteers about the outcome of their contribution. Keeping them updated about the progress of their project motivates them.
  • You may issue a volunteering certificate online. This is less formal but nevertheless is effective.
  • Include a brief sentence about the online volunteer’s support to which they contributed. Do this in leaflets, brochures, newsletters, and even websites.
  • Feature online, all the volunteer’s contributions. One cool way to show your gratitude is to publish your volunteer’s stories online. Share them on your website or in newsletters or reports of your organization.
  • No matter what gesture you choose to do, make sure to do it with genuine sincerity and gratitude.

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