39 Perfect Christmas Gift Tag Templates (100% Free)

One of the most anticipated time every Christmas is the opening of gifts. Families would gather around the tree as one member plays “Santa Claus.” They pick up the gifts and call out the names of the recipients. To make your gifts memorable, using lovely printable Christmas tags is a good idea. Wrap your presents nicely, then top them all with a fun and memorable gift tag. To ensure that your Christmas presents are exquisitely presented, you need to put in the effort. If you want your gifts to look amazing but you don’t feel inspired, you don’t have to worry as there are lots of ideas for you to choose from.

Christmas Gift Tag Templates

What is a Christmas gift tag template?

After setting up and decorating your Christmas tree, the next thing to do is to wrap your Christmas presents. How you wrap these should be just as decorative and unique as the Christmas decorations you adorn your tree with. Alongside the wrappers are the Christmas name tags. In the spirit of the season, you can customize these using the traditional colors but with a modern and unique twist.

Beautiful designs will easily complement black, gold, solid-colored, and glittery wrapping paper. Then the gift labels will provide you with options for the family members you love the most and friends you want to share gifts with too. Choose the labels you really like, stick those to your gifts. You can also choose to go against the “traditional” way of adding tags using ribbons or tapes. These days, you can use other things and crafty projects to make your tags.

Printable Christmas Tags

Why do you need these tags?

Printable Christmas labels are simple yet significant decorative elements placed on presents. They don’t have to be too complicated and they should not take too much time to wrap. To start with, remember that gift tags should be both beautiful and simple but not too flashy. You would attach these to your gifts that people will open in front of everyone else. The gift tag can match the wrapping paper although you can also make contrasting tags so they will stand out.

If you want your tags to stand out, select a decorative and colorful design that will include the name of the recipient and a short message for them. Add a personal touch to the gift tag if you want to make it even more special. For instance, you may include a tiny illustration or use various fonts so they don’t all look the same. Another suggestion is to have a hand-drawn illustration that you will place on a gift tag template so that you can make other ones quickly and easily.

Christmas Name Tags

Ideas for printable Christmas gift tag templates

You can also avail of printable Christmas present tags online or download them for free. Then you can print them, cut them out, and attach them to your presents. Doing this will save you money since you won’t have to buy tags at your local office supply store. Printing or making your own will also add a personal touch to your presents. And showing the people you love that you care for them is what Christmas is all about. If you want to make your own digital gift tags, and you need inspiration, there are plenty of ideas out there. When it’s time to print, it’s recommended to print them on label paper, sticker paper, or card stock to make them more attractive. After cutting, use a hole punch and some colorful ribbons to complete your tags. To give you some inspiration, here are some fun ideas for you:

Chalkboard style

This stunning style will give your Christmas gift tags a breathtaking appearance and you can place the tags on all your presents this yuletide season. These tags can come in various shapes and sizes along with different designs like holly, pine cones, and snowflakes.


The great thing about using monochromatic tags is that they will give your presents a touch of sophistication and elegance. Try using these tags on some or all of your presents this season.

Woodland creatures

Since the holiday is often associated with images of animals like owls, foxes, squirrels, bears, bunnies, and deer, you can go with the tradition on your gift tags. You can print different shapes and sizes for these tags too.

Merry and bright

What could be merrier than gift tags with various geometric shapes set in festive green, gold, and red colors?

Simple and modern

Making simple and modern gift tags with tiny images will give them a minimalist feel. Then you will have lots of space to write names and messages on them. Some simple images to include are birds, mittens, snow globes, and wreaths.

Christmas icons

You can make adorable gift tags, then print them yourself. Some traditional Christmas icons you can include are reindeer, snowmen, a cup of cocoa, and holly.

Stockings and mittens

Create your own printable tags with images of stockings and mittens. Then make your presents even more special by adding ribbons, stitching, or buttons after printing them out.

Christmas pals

These printable gift tags will evoke feelings of fun. They could feature the popular Christmas pals like Santa, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolf. There are many tags out there that feature these holiday pals. You can even make ornaments, place cards, or garlands using these designs.

Gift tags are easy to make even if you make them from scratch. If you can’t make your own, download some templates online, print, cut, and punch a hole through the circular marking. For each tag, use ribbons or string twine to attach the tag to your wrapped present. If you want to achieve a “store-quality” look, you should print them on quality thick paper, card stock, or matte photo paper

Printable Christmas Labels

Making crafty Christmas gift tags

Be creative this holiday season, especially when it comes to wrapping your gifts and preparing the tags that go with them. You can customize the tags however you want and you can use your favorite materials or paper. Add some sparkle with glitters, use candy, ribbons, or ornaments to spice things up, and more. Perhaps the best part of doing this is to realize that the tags are very easy to make and you can make a different one for each of your presents. Here are more ideas for personalizing your tags:

  • Print the tags out, then add embellishments like glitters or stickers.
  • Use various materials to attach your gift tags like ribbon, raffia, and twine.
  • Add a bow along with the tag for an extra pretty decorative touch.
  • Layer several gift tags to create a fancier-looking tag. Cut tags of different sizes, then layer them on top of each other.
  • Make ornaments that you will attach to the gift tags for your most special recipients.
  • Use non-traditional colors to make the tags look unexpected. Doing this will make the gift tags funky and fun.

If you don’t want to make simple gift tags or you want to make things more special, you can go with crafts. These will enhance the appearance of your tags too. Here are some cool ideas:

Use greenery

To make a greenery topper, spray-paint 2 metal rings using gold paint, then set them. Once dry, tie the rings together using a narrow ribbon. Wire small pinecones and tiny snippets of evergreen to the bottoms of each ring. Finally, attach the decorative topper to your present along with a glittery tag.

Cookie cutters

You can capture the spirit of the season by using patterned paper for wrapping, cookie cutters, and your personalized tag. For instance, you can wrap your present in a snowflake-patterned paper, then add two bands of sparkly ribbon. Adding a ribbon with a decorative edge along with cookie cutters will make your present extra special.


Wrap your gift in reindeer-patterned paper, then add a thin red ribbon around it. Bend some greenery into a small wreath, then place it on the tag. Use glue to add a Christmas ornament before adding your gift tag.

Snowflake tags

Make your present more interesting by attaching several ribbon bands. Add as many as you want depending on the size of your present. Usually, an uneven number of bows works best. It’s also a good idea to vary the positions of the snowflakes that you add. Overlap the ends of the ribbon band at the back and use glue to secure. For each of the bands, cut a length of tinsel garland. Place the garland in the middle of the ribbon, and attach it with glue. Finish your present by gluing acrylic or plastic snowflake ornaments around your present.

Star tag

You can upcycle paper straws into interesting tags and gift toppers. Wrap your presents in layers. Start with dark-patterned wrapping paper. Cut a band of gold foil paper that’s smaller than your present. Add it to the middle along with a wide piece of white satin ribbon or a smaller band of white paper.

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