30 Free Printable Gift Tags [Christmas, Halloween, Easter…]

Using printable gift tags adds a special touch to your wonderful gifts and you can do this without spending much money. These tags look amazing and you can print them in a couple of minutes. And then all you have to do is attach these to your gifts and that will certainly impress the other person.

Printable Gift Tags

Types of gift tags

You can have your choice of printable gift tags that look amazing for every season and every occasion. All you need to do is use a template or design one on your own. You can print these tags on any paper but if you really want to make them shine, print them on linen paper or card stock.

Moreover, these become more convenient when you print them on sticker paper. Gift tags come in handy for some a number of occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Thank you
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • No occasions or “just because”

Gift Label Templates

What to write on a gift tag?

When you personalize your printable gift tags, you can make your gift stand out from the rest. You can find plenty of gift label templates online along with words and phrases to add to the tags.

You can also find these in magazines or books. If you’re creative enough, you can think of your own unique wordings too. To add a personal touch to your tag, handwrite your message. The other option is to print directly the tag using a printable template.

There are endless choices for words or phrases to use on tags for gifts. Whether you’re making the tag for a certain occasion, person or you’re making a generic tag, there will always be words or phrases for almost everything.

You can even categorize these wordings then keep them handy for word placement on your tags. You can print wordings from a printer using your chosen lettering font, color, and size.

In many cases, the words might already be part of the templates that you download online. Choose the style you want then just add the appropriate wordings as you compose then in your mind. If possible – and if you want to – you can change the design too.

How do I print my own gift tags?

If you already have the perfect gift wrapped up in the most perfect paper with the most perfect bow, all you need to complete the package is a perfect gift tag template that is as unique as the present itself.

For this, you don’t have to look for an ideal tag in bookstores or hire a designer to make the tag for you. Just use a printable gift tags template for any occasion then customize them as needed. You don’t need any design experience – just follow these steps:

  • Choose the style
    Choose a template that will best suit your needs. It should include a customizable feature, especially if you want to make your tag more personal. Then you can open your selected template in the software of your choice
  • Choose the theme
    The theme includes the layout, font, and color scheme options for the tag you’re planning to create.
  • Personalize using images and graphics
    This includes background colors, images, graphics, and even photos. You can choose from an extensive gallery of illustrations and photos online or you can upload images saved from your computer.
  • Add engaging text
    For your text, you can select the size and style you want from the font menu. Resize and modify the text to suit your design’s overall appearance.
  • Print the tags
    If you’re satisfied with your creation, you can print it out.

Editable Gift Tags

How do you make a gift tag in Word?

Using printable gift tags is the final extra touch that adorns the gifts you give to your loved ones. You can make it more special if you create a gift label template using your own creativity.

It would only take a couple of minutes of your time to create, print, and attach these editable gift tags on your gift. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money. Just follow these simple DIY steps to make your own template using Word:

  • Visualize the theme you want to use
    Since you can use tags on a variety of occasions or events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, and more, it will be more appropriate to create tags that would match the theme of your event.
  • Search for the images you need and download them
    When searching for images, opt for PNG images. These images have transparent backgrounds, which means that you can easily adjust them to any color scheme.
    When you find the images you need, download them, and add these to your customized tags. You don’t need to worry about the size of the template you download as you can resize it as per requirement in Microsoft Word.
  • Launch the software
    Open Microsoft Word on your computer then follow these steps to create your tag:
    If you’re using a Mac or Windows PC, search for Microsoft Word and launch it.
    Click on File.
    At the top, you will find multiple tabs. Go to Design –> Page Border –> Box. The border will help you design under the page margins so you don’t have to deal with misprinting.
    Go to Insert Tab –> Shapes then select the Top Corners Snipped shape. This allows you to draw a tag on the left side of the document.
    Now, you can copy then paste the images that you have chosen inside the shape you’ve created. Do some resizing if the images don’t fit inside the tag then can draw an outline for the tag itself.
    After resizing the image to fit inside the tag, draw a blank text box at the bottom part. Input in the text box the wording you desire then choose the font, size, and color you want.
    Press shift on your keyboard then select the tag, the text box, and image with the cursor. Press Ctrl + C to copy then Ctrl + V to paste as many as you need.
    Adjust each tag to give them equal distances in between. Repeat the duplicating process and fill up the page with gift tags in equal spaces.
    You need a color printer to print the gift tags.
    After printing, follow the outlines to cut out the tags.

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