15 Blank Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates (+Gift Cards)

Unlike a few years in the past, many people are embracing tattoos nowadays. The number of tattoos on your body depends on your preferences. Some people tattoo their entire body, while some might only preferer a tiny tattoo hidden in their body. You might have a friend who loves tattoos, but they are yet to make a full decision. Some might be fearing the cost or if the tattoos might have a long-term effect on them. To encourage them to go for tattoos, buy them a customizable tattoo gift card and walk with them through the process.

Tattoo Gift Certificates

What is a tattoo certificate?

Tattooing your body is a personal preference that comes with a cost. Everyone that have tattooed their body has reasons why they made the decision. It could be the tattoo reminds them of someone, something, or an event that happened in the past.

Someone else might tattoo themselves due to influence from friends. Regardless of the reason that made you make a choice, tattoos look beautiful if they are done by an expert.

It is a good gesture to support someone who wants to tattoo themselves. Some people might have the desire to do tattoos, but the cost puts them off. If they are well known to you, the best support you can give them is to give them a tattoo voucher to help them make their desire come true. It is a gift voucher given to someone to spend the money to get tattoos.

How much is a tattoo gift certificate?

Tattoos do not have a fixed cost, although the average could be anything between $30 – $100 for a tiny tattoo. Larger tattoos could cost in excess of $4,000. Many factors come into play when booking with the tattoo expert but the most basic factors are as follows:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • Number of tattoos
  • Experience of the tattoo specialist
  • The place you book for your tattoos
  • The season you book for tattoos

The size of the tattoo

Tattoos are of different sizes that could range from a tiny tattoo of about a centimeter to something as large as one foot or more. Some people will have tattoos all over their bodies and this will also directly reflect on the amount they will pay.

If you decide to do a small tattoo, expect to pay anything between $50 – $250. You could decide you want a medium-sized tattoo the size of a portrait. You will pay on average $150 – $450.

Larger tattoos such as the size of a full sleeve will cost about $500 but the cost could go as high as $4000. If you are considering giving someone a tattoo voucher, these are the things to consider before you decide the value of the voucher. The following figures might help you decide the value of the tattoo gift card.

Nationwide Average Cost$250

Lowest Cost – $30

Highest Cost – Around $4,000

Averaged Range – $50 – $450

Number of tattoos 

The tattoo specialist will charge you depending on the number of tattoos you want to have multiplied by the cost per size. Let’s say you want two small tattoos and a medium one. That means you will be charged for three tattoos as follows.

Assuming the cost of a small tattoo is $70 and a medium tattoo is $450, your cost will be

  • 2 small tattoos x $70 = $140
  • 1 medium tattoo x $450 = $450
  • Total for the tattoos = $140 + $450 = $590

If you are giving someone a tattoo certificate for the three tattoos, it will cost you $590.

Tattoo Gift Cards

Experience of the tattoo specialist

Tattoo specialists do not charge the same but it all depends on their experience. Newbie specialists work under experienced specialists until they become experts on the job. Their charges will most likely be lower compared to specialists with many years of experience. Regardless of experience, most tattoo specialists charge between 120 to 150 per hour, although those who have been on the job for many years could charge more.

The place you book for your tattoos

It will cost you less if you book for your tattoos from specialists located in the low-end markets. Those in the middle or high-end markets will charge more and some might have a big difference in terms of cost.

The total quality is not determined by the place you go for your tattoos but by the expertise of the specialist. It might serve you better to search for specialists according to experience instead of according to location. Costs based on location could vary as follows:

  • Low-end market $150
  • Middle market $250
  • High-end market $800

The season you book for tattoos

Costs in the market keep fluctuating as seasons progresses. The cost in low seasons is different from costs in high seasons. It is to your best advantage if you avoid booking for tattoos when the demand for specialists is high.

If you try to book and you notice your appointment is several days away, know the season is high and it might be better to cancel the appointment until another time. Summer seems to be the time when most people book for tattoos and it might not be the best season to take advantage of your tattoo voucher.

What do you put on a tattoo gift certificate?

A tattoo certificate is a near money card that a beneficiary can redeem to have tattoos on their body. If you are planning to surprise someone with a tattoo voucher, make sure it includes all of the following details.

  • Name of the recipient. Type the name of the person benefiting from the tattoo gift card. The main advantage of the editable tattoo gift card templates is that you can change the fonts and colors as you wish. Choose a fancy font that will look unique to the recipient. Also, choose a color that they will love or appreciate.
  • Use attractive multimedia. Make the card look attractive by choosing unique images or graphics. You might include a short message to encourage them to go for the tattoo or appreciate them for choosing to tattoo their body. The images you choose should be appealing to them. The bottom line is not to make the tattoo voucher look too plain but to make it colorful with multimedia, images, and graphics.
  • Header tags. The header content shows the value of the tattoo certificate. This is the amount you pay for your friend to get a tattoo. You might also include a message on what specifically the certificate must be used for.
  • Contact information. The recipient cannot present the tattoo voucher to any tattoo shop. It is usually presented to a specific shop or tattoo specialist. The name of the place it must be presented must be clearly indicated on the voucher.
  • Date of the tattoo gift card. Your tattoo gift card might not be considered legitimate if it lacks authorizing information. Be sure to sign the card, append your signature and stamp it. The person presenting it will not be prevented from using it if it contains these details.


How does a tattoo certificate work?

It is easy to send someone a tattoo gift card. However, you cannot send a tattoo voucher to anyone without getting consent from them, even if they are your closest friend. This is because not everyone will appreciate the voucher because tattoos require someone to make a concrete decision before they begin to shop for specialists.

Although there are temporary tattoos, most tattoos are permanent and someone must consider if they still want tattoos on them in the future. This is how a tattoo certificate works.

  • Identify the recipient

Decide who you want to give the tattoo voucher. It could be your spouse, friend, relative, classmate, or workmate.

  • Approach them with your suggestion

If you have heard them before saying they would want to have a tattoo, suggest to them you want to support their desire. If you have never heard them, make such a suggestion. You might suggest to them how they would look attractive if they do a tattoo. If they are okay with your suggestion, go to the next step.

  • Know the cost

You cannot buy a tattoo certificate unless you know the cost. If you are certain the person wants tattoos, you may get them the best tattoo specialist. Alternatively, walk with them through the process and compare different specialists. Compare their costs, tattoo quality, and their schedules.

  • Buy a tattoo gift card

After you have identified a specialist, your final step will be to get them the tattoo voucher. Go online and order the voucher with the specific amount the specialist is charging. If you cannot afford the full cost, you can discuss this with the recipient to see if they will top up the balance.

If they cannot afford it, you may opt to look for another specialist. Do not buy a tattoo voucher that exceeds cost because they might not be able to redeem it for another item or transfer the benefit to another person.

What you must avoid is giving a surprise tattoo voucher because you might be disappointed after the recipient rejects it if tattoos are not their thing or they haven’t made the decision yet. You must be very certain the person will be willing to do tattoos.

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