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21 Printable Dog Birth Certificates [Free]


When you bring home a puppy, you will include a new member of your family. Puppies and dogs have become special members of many families, whether those families include children or not. To make things more exciting, you can celebrate the birth of your puppy using a dog birth certificate. Getting or even making one is very easy. There are plenty of birth certificate templates you can download or...

15 Blank Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates (+Gift Cards)


Unlike a few years in the past, many people are embracing tattoos nowadays. The number of tattoos on your body depends on your preferences. Some people tattoo their entire body, while some might only preferer a tiny tattoo hidden in their body. You might have a friend who loves tattoos, but they are yet to make a full decision. Some might be fearing the cost or if the tattoos might have a long...

40 Printable Visitor Log Templates (Excel / Word)


In large organizations, it is not easy to tell who is coming in or out of the office premises. A person with bad motives can enter the premises and carry out their evil plans with no one noticing. A visitor log sheet keeps the records of who visited, the time they entered, and who they were visiting. The guest log book template is useful at business premises, schools, healthcare facilities...

39 Perfect Christmas Gift Tag Templates (100% Free)


One of the most anticipated time every Christmas is the opening of gifts. Families would gather around the tree as one member plays “Santa Claus.” They pick up the gifts and call out the names of the recipients. To make your gifts memorable, using lovely printable Christmas tags is a good idea. Wrap your presents nicely, then top them all with a fun and memorable gift tag. To ensure...

40 Free Training Certificate Templates (+ Examples)


When an employee needs to undergo training related to their work, they would receive after the training, a “certificate of completion.” This is also called a “certificate of training” or an “award certificate.” There are many training certificate examples you can use depending on your circumstances and needs. These include professional training programs, short...

40 Prefect Congratulations Certificates (100% Free)


Life is full of many achievements, from the time a person is born to the time they grow old. To join grade 1 is a big achievement the same way it is to join high school or college. It calls for a celebration after passing an exam, graduating, or receiving your first job. People celebrate after being engaged, getting married, getting their first baby, etc. To celebrate with your friends, family...