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40 Grocery Shopping List Templates (100% FREE)


You might have gone to the grocer many times to buy a few items but you ended up filling your shopping trolly with groceries. It often happens to many people who go shopping without a preplanned list. Impulse buying happens when you buy things that you hadn’t planned for. You might feel at the moment that you need them but realize later you didn’t have an immediate need for them. To avoid hurting...

39 Printable Child Travel Consent Forms (& Letters)


Almost every day, we hear about children getting abducted everywhere in the world. It is very difficult to control this issue as any traveler who has the right illegal connections can take children to a different country for whatever selfish intentions they have. One important way to control this issue is by having a travel office at all ports of exit or entry. These offices must ask travelers to...

40 Printable Movie Ticket Templates (Free & Editable)


Movie theaters require fans to have tickets to be allowed into the theater. You might want to invite a few friends to go and watch a movie with you and surprise you with free movie tickets. You could also be organizing a one-time movie show event and want to invite people to attend. It could be you want to raise funds for a good cause. You need to prepare movie tickets in advance. The easiest way...

40 Best Facial Consent Forms (Free Templates)


Performing facials isn’t as simple as it seems. The profession involves working on a person’s face, which is perhaps the most important aspect of their physicality. You should treat your clients with the utmost care. To ensure that you have considered everything that’s needed, you should ask your customers to fill out a facial consent form before their appointment. This will...

20 Real & Fake Dentist Notes For Work (100% FREE)


We have all experienced days when we feel so much pressure at work or at school that we just cannot perform our best. It might even come to a point where you want to give up or quit. But this isn’t a solution to your predicament because you will need to go back to work or school. An alternative is to take a leave of absence for a few days to clear your mind. For this, you may need a medical...

40 FREE Tattoo Consent Forms (For Adults & Minors)


The art of tattooing isn’t just about making images on a person’s skin. It also requires you to have complete knowledge of all the required safety measures to perform this task. Before someone gets a tattoo, they have to fill up a consent or tattoo waiver form to cover everything required from them. This ensures that the person agrees with the idea of getting a tattoo and that they...

40 Professional Waxing Consent Forms (100% Free)


Consent Forms Although waxing procedures might seem simple, they aren’t free of unexpected incidents that could result in damages or injuries. Therefore, it’s important before performing waxing treatments to have your clients fill in a waxing consultation form or consent form. This signed document will free them from liabilities by providing the clients with details about post-waxing...