37 Free Birthday List Templates (& Calendars)


One of the most memorable days in a person’s life is their birthday. It is a day to celebrate, blow off candles, eat, and enjoy with friends, family, neighbors, workmates, or any other special guests. As your birthday list of friends or family members grow, sometimes it’s easy to forget the birthday of someone important to you. If you live a busy life and keep forgetting the birthdays of people...

40 Grocery Shopping List Templates (100% FREE)


You might have gone to the grocer many times to buy a few items but you ended up filling your shopping trolly with groceries. It often happens to many people who go shopping without a preplanned list. Impulse buying happens when you buy things that you hadn’t planned for. You might feel at the moment that you need them but realize later you didn’t have an immediate need for them. To avoid hurting...

30 Printable Guest List Templates (100% FREE)


Every social event you host requires the creation of a guest list template. Aside from listing the guests, you also use it to make sure no unauthorized persons enter venue and same time, no intended invitee is left out. It can also help in budget matters as you can use the document to make a cost estimate based on how many guests will be on your list.

30 Free Checklist Templates (Word, Excel)


A checklist template is very important but also frequently overlooked document. If you have a lot of things to remember and a lot of things to do, then you should definitely create your own checklist template Word or checklist template Excel. With the checklist, you have a written list of all these important things that you can’t afford to forget and miss out completing an ongoing task or doing a...

30 Useful Grocery List Templates (Shopping Lists)


Going for grocery shopping without a plan can be a very tedious undertaking. First of all, you wouldn’t know where to start and if you did, you wouldn’t know where to go next. In most cases, those who go unprepared, end up buying items that they don’t even need. It’s also useful in later checking it with the grocery bill and ensure complete delivery/buying. You can avoid these...