30 Useful Grocery List Templates (Shopping Lists)

Going for grocery shopping without a plan can be a very tedious undertaking. First of all, you wouldn’t know where to start and if you did, you wouldn’t know where to go next. In most cases, those who go unprepared, end up buying items that they don’t even need. It’s also useful in later checking it with the grocery bill and ensure complete delivery/buying. You can avoid these issues easily by using your own grocery list template, whether it’s online shopping or a physical store shopping.

Grocery List Templates

What are common grocery items?

When writing down items on your grocery list template, there will always be a couple of common items you purchase every time you go shopping. Some of the most common items that you will see on a printable grocery list include:

  • Beer
    This is a product that is consistently present in shopping lists. Beer drinkers typically have in their refrigerators, chilled cans and pints of their favorite beer.
  • Bread
    Even if gluten-free products are quickly becoming a health craze, most households still consider bread as a major staple.
  • Cereal
    In most homes, cereal has become an easy, nutritious, and quick breakfast option that many people depend on to prepare them for the day ahead.
  • Frozen Dinners
    For the average working parent, the last thing they would like to do after a long day’s work is to whip up a big family dinner every night. Often, they just want to load the microwave with frozen dinners to feed their families.
  • Milk
    Since almost everybody drinks this nutritious beverage, it is another common item in grocery lists. Even lactose-intolerant people have their own special milk made from either almond, hemp, soy, coconut or cashew. Moreover, milk isn’t just for drinking but for cooking, too.
  • Salty Snacks
    Another item that’s high on every shopper’s list is the salty snacks. If you haven’t noticed yet while walking down the snack aisle, there are many varieties of salty treats on sale.
  • Soda
    Surprising as it is, soda is almost always on top of every grocery list. Perhaps this is because sodas are often on sale and strategically placed at the front of supermarkets to draw the buyers in.

Grocery Checklists

Why do you need a grocery list?

To get your trip to the grocery organized, you need to use a grocery list template every time you visit the grocery store. If you visit the supermarket without a list or a plan, your trip will end up as a confusing, expensive, and tedious trip.

It just takes a couple of minutes to write down items on a grocery list template. This will make your shopping more time-saving and organized. Following are some of the benefits of having a list while shopping:

  • To save money
    With a list on hand, you can easily focus on the items you need to buy. There is a smaller likelihood of buying unnecessary items. To avoid temptation, go straight to the aisles that contain the products you need.
    If you check your stocks at home before making your list, this will save you money as you will only but the items that you don’t have. Moreover, you can also avoid wasting food.
  • To save time
    When you have a shopping list template, you won’t have to spend so much time wandering inside the supermarket. Since you already know what you need, there will be no need to make choices while shopping. A list makes your shopping organized and this becomes more beneficial if you have other errands to accomplish too.
  • To help you plan your meals
    Planning your meals is a great way to stay healthy and for this, your grocery list will help you choose the foods you need for meal planning. Again, you should first check your stocks then make a list of items you’re running short of. If you want to try new recipes, make a list of all the new ingredients in the template too.
  • To help you make healthier food choices
    You can also include in your list some choices for healthier options. Just make sure that you stick with your list so you won’t end up purchasing unhealthy food items because of last-minute decisions. You can also use the list to keep track of what you’re eating.
    For instance, you can make a list of healthy food items based on research. Then, the next time you plan what to buy, you can refer back to the list you have made. Doing this allows you to vary your food items from one week to another so you won’t get bored with your diet. The same thing goes for your family.
  • To make your shopping experience more relaxing
    There is no time to feel stressed when you carry a list with you because you won’t have to remember what you need. Most buyers who use this list feel more confident and relaxed while shopping for the items they have listed.
    Using a list is very helpful as it makes your shopping very organized. Moreover, you will save money, time, and resources, all of which are very important these days.

Shopping List Templates

How do you write a grocery shopping list?

One way to make sure that you won’t forget the things you need at home is by using a grocery list template. This list will also help keep you on track while preventing you from purchasing groceries that you do not need. Create an effective grocery checklist by following these simple steps:

  • Create a list of grocery items that you need for the week
    Prepare a list of beverages and foods you need in planning your weekly meals. Just remember to include the basic staples like vegetables, milk, fruits, bread, and so on. They might not be part of a recipe you plan to cook, but these are the basics for healthy eating.
  • Arrange your list according to the aisles at the supermarket
    Organize the list into various food groups and sections. This makes your shopping in the supermarket easier and faster. For a free template, you can go online and download one.
  • Write down what you need while planning
    You can go proactive with your needs by keeping an ongoing list in your kitchen. Just add items to the list when they run out in your kitchen. You can even download an app that allows you to sync lists with the other members of your household.

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