30 Free Checklist Templates (Word, Excel)

A checklist template is very important but also frequently overlooked document. If you have a lot of things to remember and a lot of things to do, then you should definitely create your own checklist template Word or checklist template Excel. With the checklist, you have a written list of all these important things that you can’t afford to forget and miss out completing an ongoing task or doing a new thing that you have decided about.

Checklist Templates

Purpose of a checklist template

A checklist template allows you to list down all the activities or tasks you need to do so you can accomplish them in a systematic and orderly manner. You can use a free checklist template for various purposes too. The versatility of checklists allows you to use them for:

  • Verifying the development of activities wherein it’s very important that you don’t forget or miss any of the steps or when you need to accomplish tasks in a specific order.
  • Performing inspections and recording the points which you’ve already inspected.
  • Checking the proper implementations of SOPs.
  • Obtaining information to analyze where or why the non-conformities and incidences occur.
  • Checking the causes of issues or defects.
  • Verifying product specifications and collecting information for further analyses.

Basically, you can use a daily checklist template to perform regular inspections and tests to make sure that none of your employees forget any of their daily tasks. The benefit of using a free checklist template is that it allows you to organize and systemize repetitive controls and activities you have to do.

Later on, you can still use the document as your register for all of the tasks which you’ve accomplished on a particular day.

Printable Checklist Templates

Styles of checklist document

A checklist template is very simple. But there are different types and styles of checklist template Word or checklist template Excel you can use depending on your purpose. If you need a daily checklist template or you need one for other purposes, then you should first think about the style you need.

To help you make a decision, here are checklist styles you may want to consider making:

  • To-do checklist
    This is the most commonly used style of checklists in offices and homes all over the world. A free checklist template of this style consists of a number of tasks which you need to complete. You can list these tasks according to how urgent or important they are.
  • Task or how-to checklist
    This comes in the form of an outline where you describe the procedure one step at a time. Include in the list the instructions to follow for the completion of the procedure. This style works well for when you need to create a checklist to teach a certain process or procedure to another person.
  • Do-confirm checklist
    This style is perfect for when you need to cover tasks you accomplish from memory. One of the best practical examples of this style is for pilots. Pilots can create this type of checklist template to make sure that they don’t overlook anything like locking the brakes of the plain or checking the instruments before take-off.
    Basically, making this style of checklist template Word helps the pilot fly an airplane safely without having to depend solely on his/her memory. Even if you’re not a pilot, you can still use this type of checklist for important tasks such as planning a business trip or giving speeches.
  • Troubleshooting checklist
    This is another versatile style of a checklist and it’s a lot like the task checklist. But rather than creating an outline of the procedure, you would offer a solution for cases when procedures go wrong. For instance, if your computer at work isn’t functioning properly, you can use this checklist.
    For this procedure, the first step you might have to do is to turn your computer off then turn it on again. If this step works, then you don’t have to proceed to the next steps. But if the first step doesn’t work, then you may continue performing the next steps in the procedure until you’ve solved the issue.
  • Submittal schedule or coordination checklist
    This style of checklist template Excel is frequently used in bigger organizations and businesses, especially where the nature of the business is that no single employee can understand the entire endeavor. To resolve this issue, you have to come up with steps so specialists can communicate with one another.
    Such a list may require specialists who come from various fields to provide information and request information from each other before moving forward with their tasks.
  • Discipline checklist
    Make this style of checklist to avoid making wrong decisions, especially when you’re in the heat of the moment. When you’re in a rational and calm state of mind, you can compose this checklist which contains procedures which you should follow or questions you must first ask yourself when it’s time to make decisions.
    For instance, before you invest in a new company, you may want to use this checklist to assess your likelihood of getting a return on this particular investment.

Tips for creating a checklist

Do you want to organize your tasks so that you can get more things done? Do you feel like you always have issues when planning your daily activities? We have all experienced those times when we feel like we can become more productive if we just try to organize ourselves better.

One of the best ways you can do this is by making a checklist template. Getting organized doesn’t have to be a difficult thing, whether you want to improve your home or office life. Using a daily checklist template can help you become more systematic allowing you to accomplish more. Here are the steps for creating your own checklist template:

  • Use a free checklist template
    The easiest way to start using a checklist is by downloading one online. Choose one that suits your business then customize it as needed. Businesspeople can use these templates for various purposes. Using the template allows you to come up with a list of things to do and activities to perform for the day.
  • Write down your objectives and goals
    When creating your checklist, it must consist of the base as to what the checklist is and what you plan to achieve by the end of the checklist. From planning your weekly budget to creating a checklist for your company, it’s important to write this information down for your own benefit.
  • Consider your reasons for creating the checklist
    For business purposes, it’s important to first have a signed contract. This contract should contain all of the details as to why you need to create the checklist in the first place. The contract shows the details about the terms you’ve agreed upon with your client.
  • Make a list of all the items
    Make a list of all the items that you need to be part of your checklist. Brainstorm on the tasks, activities or issues you need to include in your checklist and list these down as they come to mind. This is the most important step of creating a checklist because it’s where you include all of the relevant information.
    Remember, the checklist helps you keep track of all the things you need to do, and you can even list them down by priority. In doing so, you can rest assured that you don’t miss out on anything that’s important for you. After creating your checklist, review it once more to see if you had, indeed, included everything you need.
  • Assess the operations of your business
    As aforementioned, you can either create the checklist on your own or download a checklist then customize it. Checklists are very helpful no matter what your purpose is for creating it. Then you can use the checklist to help you assess the operations of your business. You can also use the template to help you finish all the tasks you need to accomplish within the given timeframe.

Daily Checklist Templates

Using a checklist template

No matter what your purpose is for creating your checklist, the important thing is that you create the template itself. This is a very simple template but it can be very helpful for you. Checklists are very versatile; all you have to do is customize the template you have downloaded to suit your needs. Here are some ways you can use the template:

  • Make a to-do list for your daily tasks at home or at work. Create the list in the morning and keep checking it as you accomplish the tasks one by one.
  • Create a packing list for when you need to travel. In here, include a list of all the items you need to include for your trip.
  • Create a list of long-term and short-term goals and have it with you at all times.
  • If you enjoy reading, create a list of books which you would like to read for the whole month or year.
  • Come up with a list of the repairs you need to do at home so you know what to buy when you’re at the store.