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One of the most important pieces of information that we can obtain from our parents is the health or medical form. The health form informs us about a number of important things including current medical conditions, allergies, health insurance details and emergency contacts.

In short, the health form provides important information about your and your family’s health. At times, a health form is required to get consent for medical treatment. The treatment of a beloved who’s injured or critically ill could be delayed if you don’t have him complete and sign a medical consent form. The consent form gives doctors and other medical practitioners the permission to treat.

If you care about the health of your family then you must organize the medical information of your family. It is important that you complete a medical history form for each member of your family and keep up to date copies of the form in your wallet, car, and home. Moreover, you must organize the medical forms that you’ll need in case of an emergency.

To ensure that a family member gets treated in an emergency, get the aforementioned consent form completed and signed. Another important thing to do is providing all caregivers with copies of important medical documents. You can authorize the different caregivers providing you medical care to get access to your medical information maintained at a hospital or a doctor’s clinic by completing and signing a medical release form.

One of the most important medical documents, a release form is used by patients to allow hospitals and other medical service providers to release confidential patient information to a third party. Under U.S law, all patients have the right to keep their information (personal or medical) confidential.

This is why most patients expect their doctors and other physicians to keep their information private. However, there are some situations where patients may want to share their information with a third party. In such situations, filling out and signing a medical release form is required by patients to give third parties access to the information maintained by the hospital or other medical service provider.

A powerful tool, the medical record allows doctors to track the medical history of patients and identify problems or patterns that may be helpful in determining the course of healthcare. In order to identify the health problems or patterns of a patient, physicians generally use a health history questionnaire.

The health history questionnaire contains considerable information about the patient’s health history including:

  • His/her safety and health habits
  • Gender specific medical history
  • Family health history and other relevant medical information

In addition to the above, the questionnaire includes general patient information such as:

  • Name of the patient
  • Gender of the patient
  • Patient’s DOB
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Past doctor (s)
  • Previous examination date

The personal/general health section of the health history questionnaire shows childhood illness such as Chicken Pox, Measles, Rheumatic fever, Mumps, Rubella etc. Additionally, this section contains medical illness such as Asthma, Bleeding Disorder, Gout, Heart disease, diabetes, generic defects, hypertension, severe infections, Osteoarthritis etc.

Enabling doctors to provide optimal healthcare to their patients is the primary purpose of the medical records or documents. Records/ documents inform doctors about everything related to the patient’s health and facilitate the interaction between the patients and the health care professionals.

In addition to accessing complete and accurate medical information of patients, physician can use the medical records to meet regulatory and legal requirements. The medical care specialists can use the medical records to ensure comprehensive and high quality care for patients.

A good way for the health care specialists to facilitate research and improve efficiency is using a patient satisfaction survey.

An important part of determining care quality, patient satisfaction ensures that patients are taken better care of. In addition to improving performance, patient surveys ensure better communication with patients. For these reasons, patient surveys may soon become mandatory. In order to evaluate performance, the government and health insurance companies have relied heavily on patient satisfaction measures over the past decade or so. By implementing patient surveys now, medical practices can prepare themselves for meeting patient satisfaction requirements in the future.

Anyone can suffer from a medical emergency. For this reason, taking proactive measures to deal with a medical emergency is important. A proactive measure to deal with a medical emergency is completing and submitting an emergency contact form to your organization or educational institute.

Generally, an emergency form includes the name, phone number and address of a person along with the contact information of two people the organization or educational institute is supposed to touch base with in case of an emergency. An extremely important medical document, the emergency form can save your life in case you suffer a medical emergency.

While taking proactive measures to deal with a medical emergency is useful, you should do all that you can to prevent the emergency from occurring. A good preventive measure is a physical examination.

In order to perform the physical examination, your physician or other health care provider will use a physical examination form. Following is the general information included in the examination form:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure

In addition to the information related to the patient, the form includes a list of diseases which are marked as normal or abnormal depending on the condition of the patient. The last part of the form includes the physician’s signature, the physician’s address, and the date.

In addition to the aforementioned forms, a patient registration form is another form important for your health. As soon as a patient enters a new hospital or clinic, he or she is required to fill out a registration form.

A registration form is used for two different purposes. The first purpose or reason to use the form is collecting information related to new patients to generate a new patient record. The other reason to use it is collecting the information required to help the computer perform accurately and safely in a computer-assisted surgery. Filling out this form is important because patient registration is the first step in the treatment of their condition/disease.

Once you’ve registered yourself with a hospital/clinic, you’ll be directed to a relevant medical care practitioner. After seeing you, the physician or health care practitioner will prescribe you the required medications. In order to ensure that patients take the medications appropriately, physicians should use a prescription template to help pharmacists prepare the prescription bottle’s instruction label correctly.

Since people get medical care from more than one physician and buy their medications from different pharmacies, we can no longer contact a particular physician and a particular pharmacy to find out the medications a person/patient is on. For this reason and more, creating and maintaining a list of medications is extremely important.

In order to remember all the medications you need to take including the dose and frequency, you must maintain a medication list. To understand what’s included in the list, take a look at a medication list template. In addition to prescribing you medications, the physician or health care practitioner will take progress notes and perform medical tests on you.

There are a few different types of progress notes. However, all of them allow you to do the same basic things. Using the aforementioned notes, doctors or other medical practitioners can communicate their findings, compare the current and past statuses of the client, and broadly review the case details. Doctors perform a number of different medical tests including checking your blood pressure with the help of a blood pressure log.

When it comes to blood pressure, children and adults have a normal limit. In case your blood pressure does not fall in the normal limit, you may require treatment for high or low blood pressure. When it comes to keeping a tab on blood pressure, one of the best ways to perform this action is using a blood pressure log. Provided you keep it updated, you or your doctor can use the aforementioned log to diagnose your health after fixed intervals of time. For this reason alone, using the log is crucial.

A high or low blood pressure is one of medical conditions that can keep you away from work. If high or low blood pressure keeps you away from work for an extended period of time then you may require a return to work form. Employees may be required to complete a comprehensive return to work form if they have an ‘absence pattern’ or if they have an underlying health issue that’s keeping them from coming to the office.

The aforementioned form helps organizations to minimize the financial and human costs of workplace injuries and illnesses. Moreover, it helps to facilitate the returning workers by allowing HR and management to modify schedules, tasks, and working conditions. In addition to this form, another important medical document that you may require upon return to work from sickness is a doctor’s note. You can find out what’s included in the note by taking a look at a doctor’s note template.

To get compensated for the days you’ve been out sick, you need the aforementioned note. Under U.S law, employers are required to accept a doctor’s note for work absences.

Talking about workplaces, gazing at your computer or laptop screen at work for hours can cause your eyesight to weaken. Visit an eye doctor to find out whether or not you have weak eyesight. In order to test your eyesight, the doctor will use an eye chart.

Used to determine whether or not you need glasses, the eye chart measures your sharpness of vision or visual acuity. If you don’t wear glasses or contacts, the results of the test will show whether you need them. On the other hand, if you wear glasses or contacts, the results will show whether your contacts or glasses prescription needs changing.

On the other hand, if you’re a doctor, you can use the chart to suggest an appropriate treatment or develop a treatment plan. If you’re unsure about how to create a treatment plan then you can refer to a treatment plan template.

Used to treat the specific health problems of an individual patient, a treatment plan can be created for a number of purposes including medications, psychotherapy, and surgery. Talking about treatments, your doctor may recommend massage as a treatment for some conditions. If massage is required to treat or relieve a condition you’re suffering from then you physician will refer you to a therapists.

As soon as you visit the office of the therapist, you’ll be asked to fill out a massage intake form. The form is a way by which therapists record patient contact information, specify policies, and get an idea of the patient’s issues, medications, and contraindications. Generally, therapists require patients to fill out the massage intake form before their appointment. Talking about appointments, physicians can prevent clients not showing up for their appointments by using medical appointment cards. Physicians and other medical practitioners can easily create these appointment cards by using appointment cards templates.

The final hurdle in medical care is the payment of bill. An important part of patient care, medical bills show the cost of treatments. A type of medical bill currently popular in the medical field is superbill. Used to create healthcare claims, superbill is submitted to insurance companies at a later date for reimbursement. An important medical billing document, the aforementioned bill contains:

  • The name and credentials of the provider
  • The address of the doctor’s office
  • The date (s) of service
  • The name of the patient
  • The patient’s DOB
  • The federal Tax ID number of the provider
  • The treatment (s) rendered to the patient
  • The cost of the treatment
  • The amount paid by the patient
  • The codes of diagnosis
  • The CPT code (s)
  • The signature of the provider


Maintaining up-to-date medical records is extremely important if you want to keep your health in optimal condition. A good way to maintain up-to-date medical records is using medical forms. You can create/complete the different medical forms by using relevant medical form templates.

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