30 Urgent Care Doctors Note Templates (Real & Fake)

You need to present a doctor’s note to explain why you missed school or work usually for a medical reason. An urgent care doctor’s note is in essence, similar to other types of doctor’s notes although this one comes from an urgent care facility.

Urgent Care Doctors Notes

What is an urgent care doctor’s note?

Although there are similarities between urgent care and the ER, the former is a cheaper alternative. It is for patients who contract sudden medical problems that require immediate treatment.

If you seek treatment in an urgent care facility, you may receive an urgent care doctor’s note. This is a document that excuses you from an activity or event based on medically-proven reasons.

Remember that an urgent care doctor’s note for work is an official document, which means that you can use it for official purposes. This is a pretty straightforward document that contains a few important bits of information including:

  • Your name as the patient.
  • The reason for the note.
  • The contact details of the doctor who attended to you.
  • The time and date when you received urgent care.
  • Information about the doctor’s diagnosis.

How does this document work?

An urgent care doctor’s note is a simple document given by a doctor used to inform a teacher, an employer or a person-in-charge that your absence happened because of health issues. This note determines if you’re fit to go back to work or not.

Doctor’s notes are often discretionary. This means that a doctor may refuse to write the note if they deem you fit for work. It will help if you document your condition before requesting this note. Do this to provide your doctor with a more accurate and clearer picture of your condition.

Urgent Care Doctors Notes For Work

When do you need a doctor’s note?

When you feel that there’s something wrong with you, you should immediately see a doctor. Going to work while sick will affect your productivity. When you go to urgent care, you can ask for an urgent care doctor’s note to give to your employer. Typically, you would need this urgent care doctors note template for the following:

  • Employment verification
    Some employees must undergo a physical examination to determine if they can receive a “fit to work” notice after undergoing urgent care.
  • Injuries
    Injuries can inhibit you from efficiently performing your job and as such, you may need to go on sick leave. Employers would prefer it if you can work efficiently instead of ignoring your injuries while working below your normal capacity. To prove the severity of your injuries, you need a doctor’s note.
  • Medical Appointment
    Many employers readily give permission for employees to use their sick days so they can attend a doctor’s appointment. This move ensures that employees maintain their health and reduce the possibility of using sick leaves in the future.
  • Diagnosed Medical Issue
    When assuming a new job, it is your responsibility to inform the Human Resources Department about any existing medical condition you might have. Should there be a need for you to attend to regular appointments, provide your employer with documentation coming from a medical professional like a doctor’s note.
  • Hospitalization
    You may use your sick days to make up for your absences if your medical condition requires treatment at a hospital. Make it a point to discuss your options for extended leave with the Human Resources Department too.
  • Pregnancy or Giving Birth
    In general, pregnancy and giving birth fall under the Family and Medical Leave Act. The coverage is for workdays you missed because of pregnancy and other related conditions. Check with your company’s HR department if they have other policies related to paternal leave, prenatal care, and so on.

Can I get a sick note without seeing the doctor?

The best thing you can do is to contact a doctor if you need a doctor’s note. If you are already getting treatment at a hospital, you can request your doctor to issue this document to you. As standard procedure, the doctor will make a medical assessment of your condition then decide if your health will affect your work.

Depending on the doctor’s findings, they may issue a doctor’s note with advice on whether you can go back to work or not. However, there are some people who get fake urgent care doctor’s notes. Of course, this isn’t advisable as you can get into a lot of trouble should your employer discover this dishonesty.

Fake Urgent Care Doctors Notes

Can you get a doctor’s note from urgent care?

Every urgent care center has policies in place that handle the issuance of an urgent care doctor’s note. Even if these centers aren’t primarily considered care providers, many of them still issue an urgent care doctor’s note for work if you request one.

The request for the issuance of this document for work may put the provider of urgent care in an ethical dilemma. Most of these urgent care providers tend to trust their patients and rightfully so since they are not the illness police.

When issuing doctor’s notes, urgent care centers use pre-printed pads on safety paper. But the staff should closely guard these pads just like doctors’ like Rx pads. Sometimes, doctors and urgent care personnel can also write the note on stationery or letterheads of high-quality and are professionally designed.

In urgent care centers, the amount of time with patients may vary. The duration will depend on the discretion of the provider, whether you are just there for a visit, you need to stay for a longer time or you need to come back for follow-up.

When considering if you should go to this kind of center, remember that urgent care handles minor illnesses or injuries. This means that if you have a chronic or acute condition that requires extended treatment, you should go to a specialist or your primary care provider.

How to get a doctor’s note from a walk-in clinic?

You can obtain a doctor’s note in different ways. You can request one by simply stating it verbally. During your visit, the doctor will review your case then determine if you need this note.

You can also request one online before going to the hospital or health facility. Remember that this note isn’t guaranteed as it remains with the doctor if it’s appropriate for your specific condition or situation.

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