37 Free Birthday List Templates (& Calendars)

One of the most memorable days in a person’s life is their birthday. It is a day to celebrate, blow off candles, eat, and enjoy with friends, family, neighbors, workmates, or any other special guests. As your birthday list of friends or family members grow, sometimes it’s easy to forget the birthday of someone important to you. If you live a busy life and keep forgetting the birthdays of people that are important to you, having a birthday calendar with you will help. You can use it to record the names, birthdays, and even reminders that the day is approaching so that you can plan.

Birthday List Templates

What is a birthday list template?

A birthday list template is a document that helps you to remember the birthdays of people who matter to you. It records their names and the day they were born so that you can keep track of every day and never forget one.

People’s birthdays are very important to them and if you forget to prepare for their day, they might take offense and feel like they are not part of the family. It might be a nuclear family, extended, school family, workers, or members of a religious group.

Printable Birthday Lists

Who should prepare a birthday wish list template?

Anyone can prepare a birthday wish list template, although the leader of the unit involved might be in a better place. For example, in a nuclear family, one of the parents should prepare the list. They might decide to give the responsibility to one of the children who seems more interested in celebrations. The person will be responsible for reminding the others when the day approaches.

At the workplace, the HR manager is in a better position to prepare an employee birthday list and circulate the message to the entire office a day or two before the employee’s birthday. In a school, the class teacher is the best person who should prepare a class birthday calendar.

Types of birthday list templates

The design of a birthday wish list template is dependent on the details it contains. Some templates are simple but others are complex.

Birthday calendar for a nuclear family unit

The nuclear family is the smallest unit but it is still possible to forget the birthdays of your children, parents, or spouse. The best way is to keep a detailed printable birthday list for every member of the nuclear family including yourself. Write the name of each family member and their birthdays. That way, you will never miss a birthday.

Birthday calendar for extended family 

The extended family is bigger and the members could be living far apart. If you are a single parent, you have your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews. The list can be long and complex but you can break it down to make it easy to enter the details. If you are two parents, the list will be longer.

You can prepare a printable birthday list starting with the oldest members of the family, that is, your grandparents and parents. Next, list your aunts and uncles followed by your brothers, sisters, then to the nephews and nieces.

Birthday calendar for companies

This is a staff birthday list containing the names of all workers in a company. It is easy to prepare a staff birthday list if your company is small but if it’s a big company, you require a more complex list.

You might decide to delegate to one employee in each department to keep a record of the staff birthday list for that department. The departmental lists can then be merged into one list but each delegated staff member will still keep their copy.

The employee birthday list can be used to remind the entire office there is an upcoming birthday for a staff member. The rest of the workers will send birthday wishes in the form of texts, email, or buy a birthday gift for them.

Birthday calendar for schools

The school community is another great place to celebrate birthdays. The list is different from a list that individual students or staff members might have for their specific circle of friends. The list might be an employee birthday list for staff members and support staff or a printable birthday list for students.

Because the school population is large, the birthday lists can be done per classroom, department, or unit. If it’s a high school, for example, it can be broken according to each grade. The teacher may prepare the record or delegate it to the class captain to prepare the list.

If it’s a high school or college, the birthday calendar can be prepared according to the department/school. The school of law, business, engineering, computer science, etc. can have their lists. This is because the students might not know everyone in the entire college or university. They might only know those in the same course.

Birthday calendar for religious groups

Religious groups are people who share the same faith or those who meet for worship at a specific local place. This could be a local temple, synagogue, mosque, or church. To promote fellowship and cohesiveness among the congregation of worshippers, it is important to celebrate their birthdays.

If the group is not large, the clergy leader may delegate one member of the congregation to prepare the printable birthday list for all members. If it is a large group, the birthday list can be broken according to home fellowships or places where the members live. Those who live in a certain estate can be on one list.

Birthday Calendars

How to build a birthday wish list template

The birthday is a special day for the person celebrating but more so those celebrating with them. They give the person special gifts to make their day memorable as they start another year full of life.

Everyone has a special wish for their birthday that might not be known to others. If you are preparing a surprise birthday party for someone, there are special things you would love to treat them with. This is where a birthday wish list comes in.

It is a special list that lists how you would like your birthday or someone else’s birthday celebration. Mostly, it is usually merged with the template containing the names of members’ birthdays so that you will know what will make their day memorable. Let it have these details.

The favorite birthday venue

This is the place you would like to celebrate your birthday. It could also be the place you would like to host the birthday of a family member, colleague, or friend. It could be a favorite hotel, picnic venue, beach, house, public park.

Favorite treats

These are consumable items that you would love to have during the birthday celebration. It could be packets of nuts, popcorn, chocolate, or cups of coffee, tea, juice, or soda. It should have a list of favorite beverages and food but cunningly find out what they dislike or foods they might be allergic to.

Gift list

These are items you plan to give the person as gifts. If you are planning the birthday party as a group, each person may contribute money to buy gifts or donate gifts they might have in their homes. Plan for affordable gifts. Gifts can be in terms of designer clothing, accessories such as a bag, wallet, or necklace. You might also think about a bottle of perfume, expensive lotion, or makeup kit.

Activities for the day

A birthday is not just about eating or drinking but it’s about celebrations. Plan for a birthday activity that brings everyone on board. If children will be present, plan activities that favor them. Have every attendee in mind when creating your list of activities for the day. It could be going to a movie theatre, walking the trails, hiking, riding, or playing.

The must-have birthday items

A birthday cannot be complete without a cake, candles, and drinks. Plan ahead for the kind of cake you will buy. Some people will not mind buying a readymade cake from the local cake shop but others would prefer to order.

The second option is better because you can choose your favorite icing colors and the name of the person celebrating. Buy candles in advance and create a list for the drinks but also consider the people who will be attending so that you buy the right drinks.

Different printable birthday list designs

There are different types of designs you can choose for your birthday calendar. The major decision you must make is the design you want. The templates can either be –

  • Free printable birthday list – You only need to go online and download it for free. It is a customizable template that you can adjust the columns or rows as you wish.
  • Premium printable birthday list – This is a special template that contains more features such as colors, reminders, special notes, etc. You pay a fee to download it.

The printable designs are usually in different document formats but the main ones are-

  • Microsoft word
  • Excel
  • PDF

The birthday calendar templates also have different designs.

Yearly birthday calendar template

This template contains birthdays for the entire year. You enter the due dates of birthdays for each person so that you will have a complete list for the year. You can choose a different color for each month and then mark each birthday with a specific color for the month. If two birthdays are falling on the same date, insert both names but mark each with a different color.

Quarterly birthday calendar

This birthday wish list template records all the birthdays that fall within a specific quarter of the year. That means you will have three different templates for the year. Let the template for each quarter be unique to avoid confusing it with another.

Monthly birthday calendar

This template covers one month at a time. It can be extracted from the yearly calendar or created separately. The monthly template is easier to manage because there will be fewer people whose birthdays will fall within that month.

Weekly birthday calendar

This list could best fit larger organizations with thousands of workers. They would also be the best options for large schools or religious gatherings with large populations. It will likely be that there will be someone’s birthday daily or a few hundreds of members weekly. If the organization prepares an employee birthday list on a yearly template, it might be hard to keep track of all the birthdays as they fall due.

Birthday calendar page orientation

Choose the right page orientation for your birthday list template depending on the number of birthdays you want to enter. If the number of birthdays is too many, a birthday calendar in the landscape will be the best option. If you only have a few names for the month or year, choose a portrait template. The portrait template will have fewer fields compared to the landscape.

Employee Birthday Lists

Adding more features to your birthday wish list template

You can add more features in your birthday wish list template or staff birthday list to help you remember.

Birthday list with ages

Instead of just having a list of days, you can add the age of the person to the list. You just need to add one more column on the year the person was born and add a formula so that their age is automatically inserted.

Different color schemes

You may add different colors on the edges, the top, or highlight colors for each birthday. If you are using excel, go to page at the top – layout – colors and choose the colors you want. If you are using MS Word, go to the design tab, then choose colors or page borders.

Consider privacy

Some people would prefer to keep their age private. They might not mind letting everyone know they have a birthday, but they will not want their age shared. Keep the list private to protect their privacy. You should not share the list in public domains. Keep it within the organization and only share notices of due birthdays but if someone is okay if their age is shared, feel at liberty to share.

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