40 Free Training Certificate Templates (+ Examples)

When an employee needs to undergo training related to their work, they would receive after the training, a “certificate of completion.” This is also called a “certificate of training” or an “award certificate.” There are many training certificate examples you can use depending on your circumstances and needs. These include professional training programs, short training sessions, official certifications, and so on.

Training Certificate Templates

What is a training certificate?

A training certificate is a document that provides proof of qualification for a specific skill or area. This is very important, especially for employees who want to improve their knowledge and skills to move forward at work. The number of certificates a person has completed can show a client, employer, peer, or professor the training level the individual has achieved. These certificates also give people a chance to improve their resume, including certifications for what they specialize in.

By working with blank training certificates, you can prove that one of your students or employees has accomplished a training course. These documents can come from organizations but they are more commonly given by companies and educational institutions. Some even consider bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, doctoral degrees, and master’s degrees as types of training certificates although these represent higher educational achievements rather than simple training sessions.

Training Certificates Of Completion

Why do you need one?

Those who hold a training certificate of completion can provide proof of authenticity and identity. The issuance of these certificates can prove that an individual has reached a specific level of knowledge in a certain area. Employees and students can also use these certificates as credentials for their professional, especially for those working in high-tech industries like software engineering or computer information. Certificates like these can also help a person gain credibility in their career, which is a very important thing these days.

Who can issue training certificates?

A training or course certificate template is a document created and issued by a trainer to their trainees. The document will serve as a verification that the trainee has completed the training course. A typical certificate consists of an acknowledgment that they completed the training, the date of the training, and other relevant details. The contents of a training certificate vary as it depends on the kind of training you offer, the duration, and other relevant factors. If you plan to include all of the significant information on the certificate, you should gather all of the information you need first. There are many trainers who can issue these certificates as there are many areas that students and employees can improve on. Some examples of people who can issue certificates are:

  • Swimming instructors
  • Voice coaches
  • Psycho-behavioral coaches
  • Facilitators of self-awareness seminars, team-building activities, and more
  • Organizational development specialists
  • Musical instruments trainers
  • Ballet instructors
  • Marketing trainers
  • Yoga trainers
  • Dance instructors

Training Certificate Examples

How does a certificate differ from a certification?

Certificate and certification are terms that sound similar but don’t mean the same thing. You should know this if you will issue training certificates to your trainees. Here are their differences:


  • These are typically given by government-recognized institutions on the basis of an assessment instead of going through some sort of training program.
  • Certifications go to candidates who meet certain criteria, often in the form of completing and passing an evaluation or a test. Certifications serve as proof of professional abilities. It can only come from institutions that have been formally given permission to do so.


  • The recipients of certificates have successfully completed a training program. Various entities can issue a certificate.
  • A training certificate is also called a “certificate of completion.” The difference between these two phrases is a bit confusing but there are training certificate templates you can use in conjunction with long training programs, certifications, and training sessions.

Types of training certificate templates

Employees and students who work hard should receive certificates that will recognize their efforts. Templates of training certificates are for training program completion. Here are some types of certificates you can make:

Corporate certificates for in-house training

You would use this type to demonstrate the completion of some form of training within a company. To make it more credible, you should include a signature from your organization or company’s head along with the type of training that the trainees completed. Include the title of the training session too.

Accredited certificate

Any certificate that you will award for completing an accredited training should have a professional appearance. It should include the title of the training, the qualification you’re awarding, and the date of completion. These certificates are not official documents as they are mainly meant for display purposes. Choose a template that will include all of the important information in a professional and polished manner.

Informal training certificate

These certificates are usually given as keepsakes or mementos. An example of this is a dog training certificate. Although such a certificate won’t have any credibility, it can be a playful and colorful reminder of your pet’s training. There are many training programs that could merit this certificate and you can even use it as a way to advertise.

Safety training certificate

You can issue this certificate to certify that a trainee has completed some form of safety training successfully and are now ready for real-world experience. For instance, you can issue it to firefighters who have completed a course on safety training.

Management training certificate

Management institutions aim to educate their students about commerce and business. The courses they offer last for about 2 years and after, they usually award certificates to the trainees.

Vocational training certificate

Vocational training is all about providing related work that the trainee will perform. The main objective of this training is to provide the trainees with instructions, then certify that they participated in the program. You can use this certificate if your institution specializes in vocational training for students.

Hotel training certificate

Every now and then, the managing department of hotels that handles hospitality holds training to teach their employees how to serve their guests better. For example, hotels may issue a certificate for the completion of a housekeeping training course that they conduct within the hotel. The certificate can include abstract designs and it will certify the completion of the training course. You can create a template for this certificate if you work at a hotel.

Journalism training certificate

Journalists and other media personalities can have their ups and downs even during training. These situations make them even more deserving to get an award after they have completed their course.

Fitness training certificate

We can all achieve more if our minds and bodies are in the best shape. Being healthy doesn’t come easy as it will take a lot of determination and motivation. In the end, it will be all worth it as you complete fitness training worthy of a certificate. Or if you’re a fitness trainer, you can issue this document to those who join your training until the end.

Course Certificate Templates

How to make a training certificate template

You can use a certificate of training template to certify that an employee or student has successfully completed some type of training. Make sure that the template you use has a professional design. When you use a PowerPoint or Word template, you can easily change the design elements or colors easily. For instance, you can spruce up your certificates by choosing the colors of your business or school. Using a template is much easier and here are some things to consider when you make one:

  • When creating your template, you can use text boxes with suitable fonts and decorative borders. Use 2 to 3 font styles in varying font sizes that will suit each section.
  • To make it look professional, justify and center the layout of your text. These work well for certificates.
  • Script and italicized fonts also look good on certificates.
  • Use high-quality paper when printing your certificate. Using a good paper type will add to the effect of your certificate and make it look a lot more professional. You can purchase different types of paper from office equipment and stationery stores.
  • When creating your template, use a standard sheet layout. Black print is okay, especially if you want an elegant look. Also, it’s easier to create professional-looking templates in monochrome than in full color.
  • Familiarize yourself with the templates as these come in varying types including death, birth, gift certificates, academic, and so on. Each type has its own purpose and you should familiarize yourself with the different types, what they’re for, and who you will issue them to. After learning about all of these, you can pick out which one will work best for you.
  • When you have your template, create a list of your trainees. This is similar to making a guest list for an event. You need a guest list to make invitations. By making a complete list of your trainees, your certificate will also involve the use of a list to find out how many copies you must print and who to address each document to. Make sure to verify the spelling of each name after creating your list to avoid misspelling any name on the actual certificates.
  • Next, prepare your template. If you’ve made a certificate template, open it using the editing software of your choice. If you haven’t made one yet, it’s recommended to download a free template to save a lot of effort and time.

As you can see, creating a certificate isn’t complicated. Now, for the content to include in your template, here are the basics:


Creating borders is both fun and easy as you can use the text box tool to do this. Using simple triple or double-lined borders or shaded straight lines work very well as they are more classy and professional-looking compared to fancy or swirly patterns. Keep the design of the border simple and don’t forget to leave some space between the different sections or headings.


You need to insert the picture file of your company, school, or business’ border on the top-middle or top-corner of your template. Just make sure that you have a high-quality image of your logo. Black and white or grayscale graphics also work well.


Use a big font size for the main heading. This would say something like Certificate of Training or Certificate of Completion. Make sure to use a professional-looking font. Consider using italic or script to create a feeling of authority and quality.

Title and Description

Indicate the title or name of the training course. For this, it’s recommended to use a prominent font and font size.

Duration of the Course

State how long the training course lasted. Make sure you know the number of days the program ran. For instance, for a 5-day program, you can use a phrase like “A Five-Day Program...”


You may need a short and simple sub-heading if the program is part of a bigger course or if you need a short description to define the program clearly. For instance, your sub-heading may say something like, “Part Three of the Management Training Course.”


It’s also a good idea to indicate the venue where you will award the certificates to the trainees. The venue may be a training center, your office, or even the town or country if the program occurred somewhere special.


This part is important too. You can start with traditional wording like, “This certifies that” or “This is to certify that.” After this, add a dotted line where you will indicate the name of the trainee. For this, make sure to use a readable font. Under the trainee’s name, add a statement like, “successfully completed the above training course.” Adding the description and other additional information will make your certificate more comprehensive.

Signature Lines and Date

Mention the organizations and the persons who will sign the certificate. Create dotted lines for the signatures along with their titles. You should also indicate the date when you will award the certificate.

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