40 Prefect Congratulations Certificates (100% Free)

Life is full of many achievements, from the time a person is born to the time they grow old. To join grade 1 is a big achievement the same way it is to join high school or college. It calls for a celebration after passing an exam, graduating, or receiving your first job. People celebrate after being engaged, getting married, getting their first baby, etc. To celebrate with your friends, family members, or colleagues, send them a congratulations certificate, and you will add joy to their hearts. There is a different congratulations certificate template for each occasion or celebration. What matters is why you want to congratulate someone and the relationship you have with them.

Congratulations Certificates

Importance of congratulations certificate

You only give a congratulations certificate to someone that is celebrating something in their life. People are social beings that love to be appreciated no matter how small or big their achievements are.

A young child who does well in school deserves to be congratulated. It will help them put more effort and do better next time. A woman who gets a newborn deserves congratulations for bringing a new life into the world. Congratulations certificates are important in different ways.

Encourage someone to do better

When you have a blank congratulations certificate before you, you are not limited to the kind of words you can write there. However, the words you write can encourage someone to move on or do better. The person might have worked hard for several years to achieve something.

It could be they saved for many years to buy a car and finally made it. By looking for the best blank congratulations certificate, you can create words from deep within you can write the most encouraging congratulations. The moment you hand over the certificate written by your own hand, they will feel encouraged to move on and save to buy a house or another type of property.

Give someone hope

Sometimes a close friend or colleague could be going through tough times. Instead of giving up, they hold on until they go through the other side victoriously. They might have struggled to raise a family alone or work late in the night to raise money for tuition.

After their family succeeds or after they graduate, a congratulations certificate will give them hope. The best way is to get a beautiful congratulations you did it certificate award template and design a certificate will give them hope for a better future. They have struggled enough but never gave up and they deserve a big pat on their back.

Appreciate someone

It is good to appreciate people who matter in your life or people who play a major role in your achievements. The person might not be your parent, yet they brought you up full of love and care. It could be your sibling who sacrificed their lives to take you through school or help you start off in life.

You might have been sick one time and someone sacrificed to pay all your medical bills. They might not demand an appreciation from you, but it is goodwill to do it. Get the best-predesigned congratulations certificate template and send them one. They might have forgotten about the good thing they did but they will realize it made a big difference in someone’s life.

Add joy into someone’s heart

When someone is celebrating life, it adds joy into their heart when you join them in the celebrations. They might be celebrating a successful wedding ceremony, graduation, or preparing to go abroad for a new well-paying job. Another person could be celebrating because they won a political seat or received a scholarship.

Get a congratulation you did it certificate award template and prepare a certificate to help them add joy into their hearts. You may even accompany them to their celebration event or ceremony. They will feel you care for them and the joy they already have will increase.

Create lasting memories

When you surprise someone with a congratulations certificate, you create lasting memories in them. You only need to identify something worth congratulating in their life and get a blank congratulations certificate to write the most heart warning message.

It might not be someone close to you but you know them. They will keep the congratulations certificate you give them to help them remember the good action for many days.

Congratulations Certificate Templates

How to send a congratulations certificate

The way you deliver your congratulations certificate depends on what you feel it’s the best way to do it. It also depends on where the person is in terms of distance from your location. Here are the different ways to send a congratulations certificate.

  1. Deliver it yourself

After editing your congratulations, you did it certificate award template, you might decide to deliver it yourself. This is possible if the recipient doesn’t live far away from you. They could be working in an office nearby, live in the same neighborhood, or about 2 hours’ drive. It helps to add excitement as you give them the certificate with your hand.

  1. Send someone

Someone might have visited you from another state where the person you want to send a congratulations certificate resides. You can give them the certificate to deliver it to them. If they live near your house, you can send someone to deliver it to them.

  1. Pay courier service

Courier services can deliver parcels anywhere in the world. You only need to write the physical address of the recipient on the certificate envelope. Choose the company wisely to be sure your congratulations certificate will be delivered in time.

  1. Postal service

The postal service has the widest network in every state. They are also the most affordable parcel delivery service providers. You can send your congratulations certificate by mail or parcel and it will be delivered in time. Just make sure to address it correctly.

  1. Email

When you download congratulations, you did it certificate award template and edit it, you don’t have to print it. Once you are certain you have captured every information you want, you can email it in seconds. Get the correct email address of the recipient and send it. You may also send it via social media.

Congratulations You Did It Certificates

How to create a congratulations certificate

A congratulations certificate creates the best impact when it is delivered at the right time. If you deliver when it is too late, your message might not make any impact. Understand every detail that needs to be included in the certificate. There are hundreds of different types of congratulations certificates and each will have a different message style.

  1. Identify the person to congratulate

Your first step is to identify the person you want to congratulate. The best thing to guide you is to understand why you want to congratulate them. They might be someone that made a difference in your life or someone that has achieved something important to their life. Mostly, the person is known to you and they will appreciate receiving a certificate from you.

  1. Brainstorm on what to write

The hardest part will be deciding the message to write. You already know their achievement such as graduation, new job, promotion, new car, etc. However, crafting words is not easy for most people.

You may go online and search for congratulations certificate template examples to give yourself ideas. The most important part is to make the message relevant to the occasion or achievement.

  1. Choose the right template

There are hundreds of templates you can choose, like a blank congratulations certificate or templates with already written messages. Choose a template that you know will make a difference in their life. If the template has a message already typed, read between the lines to be certain it will be relevant to the person.

  1. Mention the person’s name

Start with their name or the word congratulations, followed by their name. It creates a sense of ownership in their mind that the certificate belongs to them. If you fail to include their name, they might think the certificate was meant for someone else but you decided to bring it to them.

  1. Mention the achievement

Mention their achievement or the thing they did that made a difference in your life. For example, if they helped you achieve something important in your life, mention it. Describe briefly how important their help to you was and how it helped or will help transform your life. Show them the benefit/s you received or will receive.

  1. Congratulate them

Congratulate them for this bold action. If the person worked hard and passed with a grade A, congratulate them for achieving that grade and show them how it will help shape their future. If the person had their first baby, congratulate them for that and show them how the baby will bring joy in their life.

  1. Make it simple 

Do not make the congratulations certificate message too personal because you might hurt their feelings. Do not make it too lengthy or extremely detailed. Some of the details are not necessary. Go straight to the main details and make it simple and easy to read.

Examples of congratulations messages to write

Here are some examples of congratulations messages you can write in your congratulations certificate.

  • “My deepest congratulations to you. I wish you well and may you gain greater success in the future”.
  • “I’m so happy for you. This was the most unique achievement. Congratulations!”
  • “At a time when no one believed it is possible, you proved them wrong. I’m very proud of you.”
  • May you reap the fruits of your hard work. You deserve it. Good work!”
  • “Your success didn’t come in one day. It was the result of your hard work, dedication, and commitment. You made it successfully. Congratulations!”
  • “I congratulate you and wish you all the best of luck in your future.”
  • “I’m very excited to write this congratulations certificate to you. I’m proud of your resilience. Congratulations.”
  • “What an exciting moment to open the doors of a new home! May it bring joy to you forever! Congratulations.”

Award Templates

Types of congratulations certificates

Every occasion or achievement in life deserves a congratulations certificate. From the least to the greatest achievement, congratulating someone makes a big difference in their life. Here are some types of congratulations certificates you can send someone.

  • Congratulate your employees

Your employee/s might help your company achieve something unique. It might be achieving targets for the month 10 days earlier or discovering an innovation that will change the company’s progress forever. Get a congratulation you did it certificate award template and prepare the best congratulations certificate for them.

  • Completing something

A friend, child, parent, or any other person might work hard to complete something. It can be a difficult assignment, a certificate course, degree, building a house, etc. They deserve to be congratulated. You may download a blank congratulations certificate and craft the words that will make a difference in their life.

  • Change of lifestyle

Another person might be living a poor health lifestyle that makes them suffer from many challenges. They could be obese, suffer from eating disorders, or lack exercise. One day they can take a turn around their life and change their poor health lifestyle.

They begin exercising, eating healthy, and having the right mindset. Two months down the line, the good results will begin to show. It will be the right time to get a good congratulations certificate template and congratulate them on this achievement.

  • Starting a family

It is not easy to start a family but someone who has made it to start one has made a commendable achievement. Choose the best design and send them a congratulations certificate wishing them all the best in family life.

  • Migrating abroad

A friend could be migrating abroad after landing themselves the best job, a scholarship, or to look for a better life. Before they leave, send them a congratulations certificate and wish them the best success in the foreign land. You will multiply their hope and joy for the long journey ahead.

  • Buying property

Buying a car, land or house requires a lot of money. Someone might have saved for years to achieve their dream. After it finally becomes possible, celebrate with them by sending them a congratulations certificate. Appreciate them for their commitment to a disciplined savings plan and for getting the best car or property.

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