29 Great Certificate of Completion Templates (100% FREE)

It is a professional act to issue a well-deserved certificate of completion to your employees or students. With it, they feel proud of for the effort and time they spent to complete a course or project and it also serves as a formal document stating the completion of a project. You can download a certificate that you can easily edit or create one yourself.

Certificate Of Completion Templates

What is course completion certificate?

As an owner or manager of a company, you may offer your employees training services or require them to receive training to advance their careers. At the completion of the course, you would award them a training completion certificate to show the value your company gives to the training.

These certificates are often displayed on walls of offices or departments to show employees that they are important not just for their acquired skills but also for the time they’ve spent in training.

You can award a certificate of completion for professional, technical or artistic training. You can also create them for:

  • Programs for project management
  • Courses for professional development
  • Training for advanced programs
  • Various certificate and degree programs

Following are examples of courses where you may award a certificate for course completion:

  • Software Skills Courses
    Get your employees familiar with the various software programs by taking a course. Then you can award a certificate at the end of the course to prove that they have completed the course on software they want to learn.
  • Technical Skills Courses
    You can have one of your employees trained to operate a forklift in a warehouse or complete technical training to get promoted. These opportunities when completed will show your employees the importance you give them that will further their careers.
  • Business Entrepreneurship Courses
    Courses in this field offer their own diplomas after completion, but you can also provide your employees with a professionally-made certificate that they can hang up in their homes or offices.
  • Design and Artistic Courses
    It’s not only industrial technologies that are software-driven today but also the fields of art and design. For this, you can offer your employees opportunities to learn and master new concepts in these fields. After the course, you award them with a certificate that they can proudly display at the office.
  • Workplace Safety Courses
    Having your employees train for these courses is a demonstration of how you take safety seriously in the workplace. This training is truly worthy of a certificate because of its importance.

If you can demonstrate to your employees the value you place on their time and the training you provide for them, this act creates a sense of appreciation. To remind them of how much you value their effort and time by completing the course, you can give them a certificate.

Editable Certificate of Completion

Why certificate of completion is important?

A certificate of completion is proof that a project, course or task has finished. Having your employees undergo and complete such training proves valuable for many industries and businesses, especially in areas like health and safety, first aid manual handling, and more.

Whether the training is an official part of your business processes or you offer it as a just a perk, the certificate serves as an important indicator of a job well done. Moreover, awarding certificates makes the recipients feel valued and as such, helps boost their morale.

How to make this certificate?

Whatever the purpose of the training is, giving your employees a certificate of completion can be the crowning glory of their achievements when they successfully complete a course.

But remember that when creating the certificate, what you write in it can spell the difference between one that they will display on the wall or one that they will store in their files. For a printable certificate of completion your employees will feel proud of, include these basic elements:

  • The name of the certificate’s recipient/
  • The name of your company that’s awarding the certificate.
  • The training or course that the recipient completed.
  • Official signatures.
  • The date when you award the certificate.

However, if you limit the contents of the certificate to these basics details, it might be too simple or boring. To avoid this, you can jazz up your template with wordings that will convey the excitement of the course, the power of the achievement, and add some flair to the mix.

As much as possible, keep the wordings of the certificate professional as that is the best way to go. For instance, you can word it in either of these ways:

  • “This Certificate of Completion is awarded to (name) for the outstanding completion of (course) at (facility)…”
  • “Certificate of Completion: This is to certify (name) has successfully completed (facility’s) (course) …”.

Printable Certificates Of Completion

How do I get a completion certificate?

As an employer, you would award this certificate after employees have completed a certain course or training. Although employees may receive a certificate of completion at work, this is also quite common with students.

For them, diplomas are more important. For instance, students strive to earn a diploma as it signifies that they have:

  • Completed their entire high school course.
  • Taken all of the required subjects and passed them.
  • Mastered all of the academic standards required of them.
  • Met all other requirements for graduation.

With this document, they can take their place in the “real world” by finding employment or furthering their education. For students, the certificate of completion template isn’t an academic credential. Even a student who has successfully worked towards their IEP goals are generally qualified to receive this certificate.

A year before a student enters high school, the case conference committee of their school holds a meeting to make a decision on whether a student will work towards a certificate of completion or a diploma.

Students are more encouraged to earn a diploma and should that turn out too unreasonable, the committee will reconvene to specify that the student will work to earn a certificate instead. Students can obtain this certificate from their school. Students who receive this certificate may decide later to return to high school sometime in the future.

Students aged 22 and below who earlier decided to leave their school with just a certificate may change their decision and go back to school until their 22nd birthday or until they earn their diploma, whichever comes first.

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