30 Real & Fake Marriage Certificate Templates (100% Free)

Marriage isn’t legally marriage unless you have proof of your union. Having a marriage certificate makes the union of two persons legal and acts as a supporting document in many things. Marriage is the biggest and most life-changing occasion in life. However, most of the marriage certificate templates available don’t have an aesthetic appearance or lack complete content so you might want to prepare one on your own.

Marriage Certificate Templates

What to include?

Matrimonial rites generally end with the signing of a marriage certificate which is also one of the highlights of the event. This document is a must as it acts as proof of the solemnization of the marriage by a recognized authority.

If you don’t know what this document looks like or what it contains, you can look at a marriage certificate template that’s free for download. This template comes in various formats and you may customize it too.

A marriage certificate is a symbol of the union of two individuals. One important signatory of the certificate is the person of authority who conducts the rites. This could either be a priest, a bishop or even a government official. When creating your own wedding certificate template, include the following:

  • Your full name and the full name of your spouse.
  • The venue where you will have your marriage ceremony.
  • The names of the people who will attend your wedding including the bishop or priest, witnesses or a lawyer who will certify your certificate.

Wedding Certificate Templates

How can I write application for marriage certificate?

At some point in time, you will need a copy of your marriage certificate. You can apply for one no matter when your marriage occurred. The reason for wanting a copy of this certificate may vary like if you want to change your name or you need to update your passport.

In such instances, you will need proof of your union. You may acquire a copy of the marriage certificate template from the office where you filed your marriage license using a request or application letter

Acquiring a printable marriage certificate through a request letter will officially prove that you’re married. Getting a copy of the certificate is relatively inexpensive and easy, regardless of the reason for your request.

It’s a good idea to keep an extra copy of this document on-hand but you have to request one if you don’t have it. Sending the letter is the initial step in getting a copy of this certificate.

Making your own template

A marriage certificate template is a legal document signed by two people who got united through marriage. This certificate is typically issued by a government official after there you have registered your marriage with your state or county’s civil registration office.

The certificate can also get issued to you when you request it to serve as evidence that you and your spouse decided to come together to become one. In this context, you should be very careful as you wouldn’t want to get a fake marriage certificate.

Today, it has become possible to customize a blank marriage certificate. If you and your spouse decide to customize your own template, you should first decide on a design. Sometimes, these templates already have editable designs but you have the option to edit them.

You have the option to change the size of the certificate, crop it, add your photos, change the fonts, and even change the color scheme. You can use these certificates for your own personal purposes.

Fake Marriage Certificates

Where do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate?

If you need a certified true copy of your marriage certificate, you can only get this after ten business days. That is after the license comes from the person who solemnized your marriage.

It is the Office of the County Clerk that will handle the issuance of a certified copy of your marriage certificate template. The fee that you have to pay for this service is non-refundable. If the record exists, then you will receive a certified true copy as you requested.

Should there be no record of a marriage, you will receive a certificate of no record. You may purchase copies of this certificate either by mail or in person. Since you can’t expedite this process, you should plan accordingly. Here are the ways how you may obtain a wedding certificate template:

  • In Person
    For this, you must complete an “Application for Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate.” You also have to present a valid ID. Processing time may vary.
  • By Phone or Online
    To spare you the agony of going to the Office of the County Clerk, you may hire an independent company to help you acquire the certificate. They will process your request online for a fee. You may reach these companies by phone or through their website.
    You may pay the fee using your credit card. Remember that neither the government nor the Office of the County Clerk has control over the fees or services that companies charge or offer. Nor do they ensure the confidentiality of the certificates that you request them to get for you.
    It may take around five business days to process your request starting from the receipt of the payment and completed application. Also, the company isn’t responsible for non-receipt or non-delivery of fulfilled orders by the delivery method you have chosen.
  • By Mail
    This method requires you to complete an “Application for Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate” along with a Sworn Statement that you should sign before a Notary Public. The notary public should also acknowledge your signature. After this, the notary will give you a Certificate of Acknowledgement.
    The next step is to mail your application, the Certificate of Acknowledgement, and personal check or money order. You cannot use foreign checks for this purpose. Include your full name and home address payable to the County Clerk. Remember to include a self-addressed envelope with a stamped that’s addressed to your home.
    If you opt for guaranteed delivery or return tracking of your certificate, you would have to provide a prepaid return air bill to guarantee delivery and tracking. Also, remember that couriers aren’t responsible for non-receipt or non-delivery of fulfilled orders by the delivery method you have chosen. It will take around five business days for orders to reach you by mail starting from receipt of your payment and application.