51 Printable Christmas Tree Templates (Free Download)

If you’re looking for a way to stretch your imagination and come up with season ideas to impress and bring joy to the people around you, a Christmas tree template is the answer. With this, you can transform the Christmas tree printable into a 3D Christmas tree that makes for a great Christmas table centerpiece. You can introduce this to kids too as an easy Christmas craft.


Christmas Tree Templates


What is a Christmas tree template?

Like the years, Christmas gifts can come and go and children won’t even remember them after some time. But the time they spend with you, creating and decorating is something they will always remember for the rest of their lives. Spending quality time with your loved ones during the holiday season is the best to do this and one way to spend quality time is through crafting.

To most families, the centerpiece of every Christmas season is the Christmas tree and we always never seem to run out of enthusiasm when decorating this lovely tree with balls, stars, gifts, and more. What could be more marvelous than having the entire family deck up a Christmas tree template? This has the making of a priceless memory to cherish forever.

Christmas Tree Outlines


Different Christmas tree for different crafts

Christmas tree templates and Christmas tree patters are blank pictures of Christmas trees that you can download and print. Then let kids cut it out, color, and decorate. Go search the internet and find a wide selection of styles and shapes of Christmas trees that work for about any kind of craft project.

You can print these Christmas tree outlines on cardstock or on regular paper. If you want to get a little fancy, you can print these on paper with different colors. Encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity when decorating the Christmas Tree template.

They can use crayons, markers, paint, feathers, sequins, magazine cutouts, and other decorative items to make their masterpieces uniquely theirs. Here are some examples of various templates for different crafts:

  • A small and big Christmas tree for greeting cards
    One printout of this gives you 2 sizes of this beautiful Christmas tree pattern. You can use these trees for making handmade Christmas greeting cards for friends and family.
  • Christmas tree with pointed corners
    This template is on the smaller side where you can print 4 trees per page. The design is of a basic Christmas Tree with a flat bottom and pointed corners.
  • Christmas tree with star
    This Christmas tree printable is perfect for appliqué projects. But it is also a universal template meaning you can use it for any festive project.
  • Christmas tree with snow on the top
    This template shows an imperfect Christmas Tree, just like the ones you see in the woods during winter, complete with a dollop of white snow on its top. This just seems perfect when you want your beloved tree located at the North Pole.
  • Large Christmas tree
    This template has a short trunk, rounded edges, and a big Christmas star at the top. It prints out large as it takes up the entire page.
  • Potted Christmas tree
    The template features a layered Christmas tree in a simple pot. This is also a large print, taking up the entire page.
  • A 3D Christmas tree
    This template includes a template of a tree, a topper, and a star. After printing, you can assemble the tree to make a simple 3D tree that for you to use as a card or as a Christmas Tree decoration.


Christmas Tree Printables


Making a 3D Christmas tree

Christmas may soon be over but the crafts are still strongly going on. Kids still love to use a Christmas Tree outline as a coloring page, complete with garlands, ornaments, and shapes for many holiday projects. You can even make your own 3D Christmas Tree by following these steps:

  • Choose and print the Christmas tree template of your choice
    You can use this to trace around a green glitter piece of cardstock or paper. If you want to have a colored tree, make two of these cutouts.
  • Trace the outline around a piece of cardboard and cut it out
    After cutting, glue both of the green Christmas trees to each other on the piece of cardboard. You add this board to make the tree sturdier. Placing just the cardstock into the paper roll won’t make the tree stand straight.
  • Start decorating the 3D Christmas tree
    Now for the fun part. Decorate your tree with balls, stars, pompoms, gold twine, and anything else you want to add. Use colors that are always associated with the holidays – red, green, and white.
  • Add the trunk
    Paint a toilet paper roll brown and let it dry before cutting it down to size for the Christmas tree’s trunk. Carefully cut two slits on opposite sides of the trunk for where you want to place the Christmas tree, then gently slide the tree inside the toilet paper roll. There you have it… a 3D Christmas tree!


Christmas Tree Patterns


Another way to make Christmas trees from paper

You don’t have to buy very expensive materials to make yourself a Christmas tree which can be just as beautiful and can provide the needed holiday atmosphere in your home. Paper Christmas trees are beautiful, easy to make, and fun to decorate. Here is how you can make another Christmas tree from paper:

  • Gather the materials
    These include:
    A dinner plate or any round object that you can use to create a circle template.
    Craft glue or a hot glue gun with a glue stick.
    Decorative paper
    Decorative items and embellishments.
    Start your tree with a simple paper cone which you can then decorate as simple and elegant or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can make these project trees of any size. You can also use any decorative paper that you already have or you can decorate plain paper before you start.
  • Cut the cone shape out
    Start by tracing your circular template onto the piece of paper then cut the circle out. Fold the circle into four by first folding it in half then creasing it. then fold it in half again, and crease it again. Open the circle and cut the circle into quarters by following the crease lines. You can make four cones with each paper circle.
  • Form the cones
    Hold one of the quarter circles with the point at the top and wrap it around to form a cone. Use your choice of adhesive to secure the cone. Make sure you hold the cone in place long enough for the glue to stick. You can also use staples or tapes for this step too.
  • Decorate the Christmas cones
    You can start decorating your cones. Use crayons, paints, markers, glitter glue, rubber stamps, and other coloring materials to decorate your cones. Then use craft glue to affix the different ornaments and other embellishments.
    Paper-cone Christmas trees can look even better with the addition of 3D or textured components. Use buttons, beads, craft gems, sequins, and more to give your tree that extra appeal. You can even top it with a star made of metallic pipe cleaners or a bow made out of a shiny golden ribbon. Use hot glue to stick ornaments to the point of the tree.

Now distribute these mini-paper Christmas trees around your home and get ready for compliments from your arriving guests. You can arrange a row of these trees on the fireplace mantle or use a collection of trees with varying sizes to make a beautifully festive centerpiece.


Christmas Tree Examples


Other Christmas craft ideas

There are many other Christmas crafts you can prepare for the kids which can range from simple ideas to wonderful handmade gifts, and ornaments. You can do these easy and quick crafts in less than half an hour using materials you may already have in your home. Use ordinary tools, some basic skills, and a great deal of enthusiasm to make some festive products. Even adults can join in to make these holiday-themed projects!

  • Christmas Ornaments
    One great way to get the kids going is a DIY ornament project. The memories of making these, the personal feel of finishing them, and the joy of seeing them on the Christmas tree will be something the kids will always remember. This crafting can even become part of the family Christmas tradition.
  • Pinecone Wreath
    For this, you will bring some outdoor elements indoors. Start by laying out some pine cones in any shape you want. Then glue the pine cones to a wire wreath form, starting with the main circle. If your shape is in the form of a star, continue gluing the pine cones into the five-pointed star shape. The project may need some extra wires and glue to secure some pinecone tips that don’t line up easily.
  • Paper Star Advent Calendar
    These paper stars may look thin and empty but they are actually envelopes with a slot large enough to contain a small surprise inside. You can have these hanging from a dowel with decorative embroidery threads.