49 Free Certificates of Attendance Templates (Word)

A training course or a class is conducted to help students or employees expand their knowledge or enhance their skills to help them grow in their careers. Attending training events increases the chance of a promotion. For students, it helps them to make their resumes better and face various interviews more confidently as they are able to talk about new skills that learn. Upon completion of a course or class, a certificate of attendance is provided to the attendees.

Certificates of Attendance

What is a certificate of attendance in school?

In Canada and the US, a certificate of attendance is a document awarded to students who have completed the K-12 program. But this doesn’t meet the requirements for a modified or high-school diploma. Some students who completed the 12th Grade will receive a certificate of attendance template because:

  • They didn’t get enough credits.
  • They didn’t complete all of their core courses.
  • They didn’t pass the required testing.
  • They didn’t meet the outlined goals in their individualized programs.

These students will still walk across the stage along with the other graduates. But instead of getting a diploma, they will get a certificate. For these students to get their modified or regular diploma, they should go back to school for either one whole year or more to complete their credits, pass their tests, and meet their academic goals.

They can graduate as soon as they complete their requirements. There are also alternative programs that allow students to finish in just half a year, as long as, they meet specific requirements.

There are some schools that don’t allow students to join in the graduation ceremonies. This has become a controversial issue because the students feel that the social benefits of this ceremony are important to them.

Certificate Of Attendance Templates

What to include?

A well-made certificate of attendance must have the most important elements to help the awardees understand the merit they have received. When making a printable certificate of attendance, make sure to include all of the required information.

Also, the overall layout and design should please the eye. An effective certificate or proof of attendance form should have the following:

  • Title
    The title should be boldly presented at the top of your certificate. This gives the reader a clear idea of what the document is all about. Make sure to use a bold font to make the title readable to the person who receives it.
  • Presentation Line
    The presentation line of this certificate or any other certificate consists of a short statement after the title. It explicitly says that the certificate goes to the person whose name appears on it. There can be a number of ways for how you will phrase this part.
  • Recipient
    The recipient’s name immediately follows the presentation line. You should indicate the name of the recipient on the certificate. Almost all certificates have the name printed or enlarged in bold text to make it even more noticeable compared to the title.
  • Awarding Body
    As important as stating the recipient’s name being in the certificate is the name of the awarding entity or body who awards the certificate. Including this is a necessity as it legitimizes the award and makes it easier to verify. You can indicate the awarding body on the body of the certificate. You can also choose to imply this at the bottom – on the signature line.
  • Description
    This is a short explanation of why you awarded the certificate to the recipient. For this certificate, you must indicate that the recipient has met the requirements, what event or program they attended, when it took place, and other relevant information.
  • Date
    You should include the date in the certificate. Make sure that it’s the exact date when you presented or awarded the certificate to the recipient. You can write this date can before, after, or within the description of the certificate. The format of the date is usually presented in a manner like “26th Day of November 2018” or “Tenth Day of June 2020.”
  • Signature
    You can indicate the legitimacy of this certificate on the awarding body section through the signature line. It is, therefore, important to provide space in the document where your company representative or school head can affix their signature. Both the title and the name of the signee must appear on the document.

Perfect Attendance Certificates

Design elements

Students enrolled in schools know that they must fulfill a required number of days to get a certificate of attendance. Most schools have their own absence policies which are strictly enforced.

These policies specify how many absences a student may have, which absences you exempt, and what students should do to explain their absences. If a student perfects all of these days, they may receive a perfect attendance certificate.

A certificate of attendance template goes to students who have already completed the K-12 program but haven’t met all of the requirements for a high school diploma. But these certificates aren’t only given to students.

For instance, you can award this to employees after attending conferences, seminars, and other similar events. You can even receive a jury duty certificate of attendance after performing your jury duties responsibly.

For employees, the presentation of this certificate proves that they have attended a gathering and might get exempted or still get compensated for any absence they have incurred. When you design your certificate, consider the following:

  • Border
    Although it’s not necessary, adding a border on this document ensures that all of the contained information will be both centered and aligned.
  • Logo
    You can also enhance the appearance of your certificate by including your business or school logo. Moreover, this can also serve as added identification as to where the certificate came from.
  • Seal
    Most organizations and schools have their own official seal and adding this to your design authenticates the certificate even further. In some certificates, you might even find a disclaimer to warn the readers that the certificate isn’t official if it doesn’t have the official seal.
  • Lines
    If you’re making certificates of attendance in bulk and are under time constraints to print thousands of copies, it is highly recommended to best include blank spaces or lines, which you can then fill out by hand. The certificate in this case will look like a fill-in-the-blank form where you will be supplying the name, date, description, and signature.

Printable Certificates Of Attendance

How do I get a certificate of attendance?

Students who have attended a course successfully can apply for this certificate. To receive this certificate, the student must have an attendance rate of 70% and above or the attendance requirement prescribed by the course and has passed the assessment or the course.

As an employer, you should provide your employees with this certificate after they have attended a special event hosted by your company. You can either provide this right after the event or you can only provide it to employees who request it after the event.

Proof Of Attendance Forms

How to make a certificate of attendance in Word?

The easiest way to make a certificate of attendance in Word is by using a template. You will find templates in this application for different purposes. You can even modify the text for your specific event or award. Here are the steps to create your own printable certificate of attendance in Word:

  • Launch the program then choose New.
  • In the Search text box, input Certificate to show the appropriate templates.
  • Select a template then choose Create. This opens the certificate in a new document.
  • To add your own border, choose the Design tab, Page Background, and Page Borders.
  • In the Borders and Shading dialog box, choose the Page Border tab.
  • In the Setting section, choose Custom then select a border.
  • Click on OK to apply the border you have chosen.
  • To change the colors of the certificate, choose a theme. Go to the Design tab, Document Formatting, and Colors. Hover over each of the themes to preview them then choose the theme you prefer.
  • The text of these templates is fully editable. Edit the text to input the wordings you want then change the color, font, and text spacing.
  • Double-click the sample text to select it.
  • Choose the Home tab.
  • In the Font group, select a font and the size.
  • Choose Italic, Underline, or Bold, if desired.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow the then select a color to apply to the text.
  • Input the text you have thought of.
  • Repeat these steps with each section of text on your certificate
  • Save your template before you close it.

Using a template isn’t the only way to make a certificate. By default, this program opens a vertically oriented sheet. Usually, certificates come in landscape orientation. You need to change the orientation before you start designing. To make a certificate from scratch, follow these steps:

  • Launch the program then choose New.
  • Choose the Layout tab.
  • In the Page Setup group, choose Orientation then Landscape.
  • Choose the Design tab.
  • Select Page Borders.
  • On the Page Border tab, choose either an Art or a Style, choose a color and size, then choose the Box icon. Choose OK to preview the result.
  • To adjust the margins, choose Options then input new values.
  • Add text boxes to the document then customize the look of the font sizes, styles, and colors.
  • Save your template before you close it.

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