40 Printable Perfect Attendance Award Templates & Ideas

A child who never misses a day and has never been late in attending their classes deserves perfect attendance awards. Such recognition is a way to promote education and teach discipline.

It is so because it will serve as an incentive for students to attend their classes regularly. This concept has many supporters. Offering perfect attendance award templates encourage presenters, and they do have a point.

Students who aspire for the award will force themselves to attend school. This happens even when they are sick with some potentially contagious disease. In such case, the student even becomes a public health hazard.

This happens as he/she is liable to spread the disease. The negative is also true of parents who want their child to have perfect attendances. They may go to the extent of punishing them if the child decides to stay home to recover.

Perfect Attendance Award Templates

There is some level of enthusiasm for children who want to get such awards. As statistics have shown, most students who quest for the award tend to have better grades. They exhibit better behavior, and graduate on time.

This award is essential because it is recognition of the student’s accomplishments. You can give the award at the end of the school year, or each month, quarterly and so forth.

The motivational award could be as simple as a tag or a bracelet. Even with small recognition, the student feels motivated to stay in school and try to do their best each day.


Benefits of striving for a perfect attendance award at school

Attending classes on a regular basis is a good habit. The child develops an attitude of wanting to keep up with his daily lessons. He enjoys taking tests and quizzes on time. Other benefits may follow and here are some: 

  • Achievement. Students attending their classes are likely to pass the reading and mathematics tests.
  • Opportunity. It provides opportunity to for older students. Those who attend classes are more exposed to get higher education. They can earn it through scholarship opportunities. Their perfect attendances will help them pass the examinations. This will help to achieve excellent academic records.
  • Becomes part of the school community. The student attending his classes diligently already makes him/ her good citizen. He learns to obey rules and keep out of trouble. That makes the student a part of the school community. The student can further develop by learning about relevant social skills. They learn to be conscious of broader world-views.
  • Education is very important. The parents should also commit to their child’s school attendance. This will instill education to every child in a family. As a family, consider it as a priority. Teach your child that going to school is an integral part to succeed.

Encourage them to take school seriously as a responsibility.

What can you do to help your child get a perfect attendance award?

The student will succeed in making the most of education. It happens only if the parents can make plans. They can do so by limiting the child’s absences and making school attendance a major priority.

There should also be a plan for the parents. They should help the child to recover when he/she lags behind on missing one day of school. Here are some meritorious suggestions:

  • Make sure your child gets to school on time each day

There is a multitude of reasons why a child is late for school. However, such tardiness will not look good on the permanent record. Furthermore, the child will have difficulties to keep up with the day’s first lessons.

If the problem concerns your child’s habits you can teach new and more productive habits.

  • Follow all the school’s attendance guidelines

It is routine at the start of the school year, for parents to ask for a brochure or information about school rules. Also, they make sure to understand all of them.

Ask the school staff for any grey areas, especially on whom to call when the child is going to miss school.

  • Identify sources of stress

There are always reasons why your child may be reluctant or may not want to go to school. Often times, you cannot even draw an explanation from your child. In such cases, make an appointment with the teacher to thresh out what causes the anxieties.

  • Keep yourself updated with your child’s school activities

Sometimes, your child may bring home some notices that would involve parent’s participation. Keep track of important dates and occasions. It could be parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school nights or the like.

  • Don’t let your child miss school

If your child will need regular medical checkups, do it on weekends and not on school days. However, should your child have a contagious disease or a severe ailment, let him stay home to recover.

  • Consider your child’s school calendar when planning family events

Never plan your family trips or holiday celebrations on school days. Have them on the weekends or during school breaks. However, family emergencies are an exemption.

In such cases, talking to the teacher as far ahead as possible is the best way. As a parent, discuss with the teacher ways on how your child can cope or bring some of his assignments on the trip.

  • Teach your child how to plan ahead

Teach your child some responsibilities and independence. Show him/her how to prepare for the next day. Do these by letting him lay out clothes the night before or by helping you to fix lunch meals.

  • Make sure your child is always healthy

As early on, your child should eat balanced diets with lots of vegetables and fruits. Exercise is important to develop your child’s body. Encourage your child to participate in playtime outdoors or by joining sports teams.

  • Provide a relaxing environment

At the end of each school day, let your child do something relaxing. Reading before bedtime could be stimulating and educational rather than watching television.

A good night’s sleep will make waking up easier. It will make your child feel fresher and will give your child a good anticipation of the day ahead.

Perfect Attendance Award Ideas

What should you do when your child has to miss school?

There will be inevitable days when the child will need to be absent from school. This could be a serious medical condition or an emergency family trip. What to do when and if this happens:

  • Call the school right away

The teacher needs to note and excuse each absence. Parents must connect with the teacher. They should make sure that the child will not fall behind because of the lessons he missed.

  • Always consider your child’s attendance

Student attendance is compulsory as a school policy. It will have a negative effect on a student’s permanent record if he has a lot of unexcused absences.  There are various repercussions of your child missing classes.

These mainly includes following:

  1. Falling behind on lessons
  2. Poorer performance on quizzes and tests.
  • Public schools loses funding

Public schools gain funding from the government. The number of funds received will depend upon the number of students. One student’s day absence will mean the school would already lose some money.

Imagine how much money they lose when many students are absent many days throughout the year!

Perfect attendance awards at work

There are many perfect attendance award ideas. Also, you must know that these are not confined to schools. You can apply them in many organizations like business establishments, military, and hospitals.

In such environments, many people have to get recognized for their perfect attendances. The recognition of the commitment gives those entitled a great incentive to do more.

The attendance award does not lay much importance if you compare it with other awards. However, you can always add them to the awards ceremony. They serve as a great way to show support to members for their dedication and contributions.

What should be in a perfect attendance awards wording? Start with the basic information and these “5W’s”:

  1. Who: Who is being recognized?
  2. What: What is the award’s name?
  3. Where: What is the name of your organization or the award’s sponsor?
  4. When: What is the award’s time frame, the month/quarter/year of the award’s date?
  5. Why: What is reason of giving the award?

The physical construct of the award can vary. It can be of glass, crystal, a plaque or a gift.

Perfect Attendance Award Wording

Encouraging perfect attendance at work

For businesses that require customer-face jobs, attendance is very important. Absences will lower the morale of the employees present as they will work double time.

Employers too will get frustrated because this will result in overtime expenses. Poor attendance will lead to supervisory time. He will deal with absences that usually result in disciplinary actions.

Reducing attendance problems is the main concern of many establishments. Consider these steps on how to encourage employees to attend work:

  • Create a working system that allows to monitor your employees’ attendance

This will ensure the honesty of your paid vacation policy. This will also ensure that such rules are applicable to all employees. This gives them a sense of justice and fairness.

Attendance at customer-face stations should be strongly encouraged. The same is true for employees whose work depends on the work of the other co-employees.

It happens in some companies that involves manufacturing products and assembly lines. Attendance also involves timely arrival at the employee’s workstations. Often times, this is very critical.

For instance, a nurse in an intensive care unit is not liable to take a leave. She cannot depend on a nurse for the next shift arrives. Another instance can involve an employee in an assembly line who works on two stations.

This predicament is tiresome and worse, it is very dangerous to the employee.

  • Manage employee absences well

Managing absenteeism and encouraging attendance is the most important goal for an establishment. A supervisor receives a call from an employee who has decided to be absent.

He or she gives personal reasons, to this supervisor should answer in a diplomatic way. The supervisor should emphasize the employee’s role in the company. That on the day of absence, there will be an impact because of his impending leave.

Upon the employee’s return, the supervisor should personally welcome the employee. As soon as he comes back to work, he should reiterate the effect of absence on his co-employees and the workplace.

  • Be flexible when necessary

Always practice flexibility in work hours in your workplace. This will give employees a chance to solve their problems. They will plan their personal work without cutting on their regular hours.

An employee who has to bring his sick child to the doctor can make up time by working late or coming in early. Of course, he needs to inform his supervisor about the issue.

Women, especially are most affected when it comes to rescheduled work time. As per surveys, attending to family problems or babysitting is persistent issues.

Flexibility in the workplace can be of varied forms. These are as follows:

  1. The possibility of sharing jobs
  2. Scheduling flexible hours or days
  3. Work from home, telecommuting

But such flexibility will have to be under guidelines.

  • Consider giving employee recognition and rewards

For employees awarded a certificate and an attendance, the award is a perfect combination. It makes a great difference. It is a great way for employers to show their appreciation and respect for their dedication.

Monetary rewards are also an incentive. It is to award for perfect attendances. It is beneficial as it reduces absenteeism. You can make your own perfect attendance award template.

  • Consequences of taking extra leaves

Employees should face the consequences when they fail in their work attendance. It is logical to think about those who will be most affected by absent employees.

Generally, these are their co-workers. They are the ones who work hard, have good attendances. Their personal morale and motivations are negatively affected.

For those who are at fault, progressive discipline is vital. It starts with instruction and the feedback thereof.

Perfect Attendance Certificates

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