27 Printable Yahtzee Score Cards (FREE Download)

Yahtzee is a very contagious and entertaining game that you can play at parties or with your family at home. You can also play this game online but there’s more fun when done with family and friends. Before you host your next Yahtzee party, make sure you have a Yahtzee score card and you have printed as many as you think you need.

Yahtzee Score Cards

What is Yahtzee?

Yahtzee is a popular dice game invented by Milton Bradley and is now the property of Hasbro, the toy company. Edwin S. Lowe, the game entrepreneur, marketed this game along with its present name, Yahtzee, in 1956. Yahtzee is a development of early dice games and to play this, you need a Yahtzee scorecard.

Yahtzee Score Sheets

How do you score the game Yahtzee?

To score a combination of 5 dice, you have to write it down on a Yahtzee score card. The score sheet consists of:

  • Upper Section Scoring
    If you make a score in this part of your Yahtzee score sheet, your score is the total of the die face specified. If the total of your upper scores is 63 and above, you get 35 additional bonus points. Note that 63 will be your total if you have three 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s.
  • Lower Section Scoring
    Here, you score either a zero or a set amount if you do not satisfy the requirements of the category.

To understand the game, you must know how the scoring works. Here are some tips for you:

  • 3 of a kind and 4 of a kind
    For 3 of a kind, you should have a minimum of 3 of the same die faces. Then your score is the total of all those dice. For 4 of a kind, you should have a minimum of 4 of the same die faces.
  • Small Straight and Large Straight
    Straight refers to a consecutive sequence of die faces. A small straight is 4 consecutive die faces giving you a score of 30 and a large straight is 5 consecutive die faces giving you a score of 40.
  • Full House
    A Full House is when you have 2 of a kind plus 3 of a kind. Full houses receive 25 points.
  • First Yahtzee
    You say, “Yahtzee” when you get 5 of a kind a score of 50. But, may choose not to score this as a Yahtzee but as a score on the top row to safeguard your bonus.
  • Additional Yahtzees
    If you roll a second Yahtzee in a game after scoring your first, you receive an additional bonus of 100 points. You should also place the roll into another category. Follow these guidelines:
    If you haven’t filled the corresponding category in the upper section, place the score there
    If you have already filled the corresponding category in the upper section, place the score anywhere on that section.
    In Chance, 3 of a Kind, and 4 of a Kind categories, take the total of all the die faces.
    For the Full House, Small Straight, and Large Straight categories, place the scored 25, 30, and 40 points respectively.
  • Chance
    You can roll anything and place the score in the Chance category. Simply take the total score of all the die faces.
  • Dump or Scratch
    You can score any roll at any time and in any category even if you get a score of 0. You can use this near the end of a game to lose a poor roll against a category that’s difficult to get or one that you haven’t filled yet.

What is the best Yahtzee score?

1535 points are the best possible score that you can write down on your Yahtzee score card. For this, you should throw a Yahtzee on each throw with more than half of these being all 6s.

Yahtzee Cards

How to make a Yahtzee score card?

It shouldn’t be difficult to make your own Yahtzee card, especially if you know what to do. If you run out of printable Yahtzee score sheets during the course of your game, you can always make your templates to continue playing the game. Here are the steps:

  • Take a piece of paper then fold it in half.
  • Use scissors to cut the line at the center of the paper that you made when you folded it. This gives you 2 pieces of long paper.
  • Write the numbers 1 to 6 on each of the pieces of paper.
  • Write the special rolls down, making sure that you keep these items on their own separate lines from the others. The special rolls to write down are 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, large straight, small straight, full house, Chance, and Yahtzee.
  • The next thing to do is to write down all of the reminder items for the point totals. Make sure to write reminders for each item in their own individual columns.
  • These reminders are very important as they serve as guides when you’re recording scores throughout your games. Make yourself familiar with the reminders so you can add them to your own Yahtzee score card template.
  • You can either use an old score sheet as your reference or download then print templates from the internet then use those as your reference as you make your own scoring sheets.
  • Next, add one more line to the top part of your template for the grand total.
  • Remember that when creating the special rolls section, they have their own specific rules. Yahtzee is the best possible roll and it results in a score of 50. Therefore, you must write the reminder down. Chance is when you will write down the total of all of the dice so you leave the next column empty.
  • As you play the game, record all of the scores of all players on the score sheet. Use the template the same way as you would use the cards that come with the game. When you’re done playing, total all of your scores then write the totals down on the last line of your sheet.
  • Making your own card or sheet for scoring is quite easy as long as you know the format. There are various ways for you to get a reference for your own template.

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