35 Eye-Catching Block Party Flyer Templates

Everybody loves a good party. Hosting a block party involves a lot of planning and one important thing you shouldn’t overlook is the block party flyer. This is an important part because it announces the details of the party to all of your invited guests. You can either download block party flyer templates or create one on your own from scratch.

Different types of block parties 

Block parties are celebrations which involve the people who live on the same community or block. After creating block party invitation templates and distributing them to your guests, you can invite all the people you want for the purpose of interacting, partying, and general merriment.

There are different ways to celebrate block parties depending on which part of the world you live in. Block parties are a lot of fun and they give the people who live in the same area an opportunity to get to know each other better in a fun and comfortable setting.

Before creating your block party flyer or block party poster, you must know the type of party you plan to throw. Here are some types of block parties as celebrated in the different parts of the world:

 In Asia

In this continent, block parties aren’t just a gathering of the people in the same neighborhood. Rather, these parties are mostly about students from different sections or blocks coming together in varying college levels of a specific area or department of study.

Block parties in Asia are typically hosted by one block and the members invite students from other blocks to attend whether by inviting them verbally or by giving them block party flyer templates. They come together to give awareness or support to a cause or as a fund-raising event.

In America

In this continent, block parties occur during the holidays, especially during the Memorial Day weekend. People from different towns come together in a designated venue or block to celebrate and honor the war veterans of that block. Block parties have also become very popular with millennials who want to move their parties to the streets.

In the UK

In this continent, they celebrate block parties in commemoration of events which are relevant to their lives and traditions. Therefore, block parties occur on days which mark significant events in their history.

Things to consider before creating your block party flyer 

If you need to make a block party flyer, there are some things you need to consider first. To make it easier for you, downloading block party invitation templates is an option too. But if you have design skills and you want to create a customized template, consider these points:

  • Make sure that the design and theme of your block party poster or flyer relate to the block party you’re planning.
  • Think of an attention-grabbing title for your party and include it on your template.
  • Make sure to include all of the important details about the block party like the time, date, venue, and if the guests need to bring anything or wear specific attires.
  • Also, include the recommended age range of guests who may attend the block party. This is especially important if you’re planning a party that isn’t appropriate for children.
  • You may also include the purpose of the party, especially in cases where you’re hosting it for a specific cause or to raise funds for charitable purposes.

Tips for throwing an epic block party 

Now that you know more about creating a block party flyer, it’s time to start planning your block party. Whether you’ve already planned and hosted parties before, some things may differ when it comes to block parties. So if you want your party to be an epic one, here are some tips for you:

Simplicity is key

If you don’t want to stress yourself out too much, keep your party simple. Remember that this type of party can be quite overwhelming already. Planning one which is too elaborate or which involves too many activities isn’t a good idea.

Think about the party you want to throw, the theme you want your party to have, the people you want to invite, and the basic elements you want to include. All of these details are enough for an epic party. But if you’re working with a team and you believe you can do more, then you may add more elements to your event.

Create your block party flyer templates right after you’ve finalized the details of the party

As previously mentioned, you can either download block party invitation templates or create one on your own. Either way, make sure to design and print out your flyers and posters after you’ve finalized all of the details of your party. Then when the time is right, you can distribute these flyers by hand or through the mail.

Choose decorations wisely

If this is your first time to host a party and you’re not planning to host more parties in the future, go for the cheaper decorations. But if you plan to host block parties every year, then you may want to invest in high-quality decorations which you can mix, match, and reuse yearly.

Although decorations are an important part of any party, you don’t have to go overboard with this aspect. There’s no need to break the bank just to make your venue look good. Your guests will appreciate the decorations but they’ll also appreciate the other parts of your event too.

Create a budget for your party and stick with it

This part is a challenge for a lot of people, especially if you’re not a professional party planner. But a party budget is a crucial part of any party whether you plan to host a block party, a birthday party, a wedding, or any other event. After thinking about the theme of your party and all the other basic details, it’s time to come up with a budget.

Make a list of all the things you’ll spend on, price estimates, and how much of your financial resources you plan to allocate to each of the aspects. After creating the budget, try to stick with it as much as you can.

As you start spending for decorations, the venue, the sound system, and others, make a note of the actual expenses on your budget template so you can use it as a valuable reference for your next event.

Use some kind of RSVP system

There are different ways for you to keep track of who will come to your party and who won’t. RSVPs are important because you can use them to determine the final headcount for your party. Knowing how many people will come to your party can help you prepare just enough food and supplies for the guests.

If you purchase a lot but not a lot of people come to your party, you end up with a lot of waste. Conversely, if you don’t purchase enough and a lot of people come to your party, you might run out of food, beverages, and party supplies! Either situation isn’t ideal which is why you need to come up with an RSVP system.

You can either ask your guests to verbally tell you whether they’re coming or not then keep track of this manually or make use of an electronic RSVP system. Of course, the latter is easier but it’s up to you how you want to keep track of your party’s guests.

Think about the location of your block party

If you plan to throw a block party, you must look for the ideal venue for it. You may want to have it in front of your house but you must consider whether this might cause traffic or other inconveniences to outsiders. If you plan to have the entire street closed, you need to get a permit for this.

No matter which venue you choose, make sure that you can legally use it and that it won’t cause trouble for the people on your block or for any other people in your community.

If you’re planning a block party for all ages, include the children in your plans

Having a party with children is very different from having a party without children. Kids can be a handful, especially if they come in groups. Kids are also bored easily so you should plan for this. Think of activities which can help entertain and pacify the children. That way, their parents can have fun at your party too.

Also, think about the food to serve to children. Although adults may appreciate exotic dishes and whatnot, children aren’t too experimental. If you have the time and patience, you can call your guests and ask around about the foods their children like to eat.

If you plan to make your block party a yearly event, create a tradition

Finally, you can make your block party more memorable by creating some kind of tradition. This can be as simple as starting a fun competition or something as elaborate as asking your guests to come up with a symbol for your block. Think outside of the box when you’re coming up with traditions and your party will surely be a huge hit!


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