40 Printable No Smoking / No Vaping Signs

Health experts say smoking-related ailments are a top killer globally. They say diseases such as heart attacks, hypertension, and cancer can come due to smoking. Due to this, many governments have created designated places for smoking. In public places and offices, you will often find a no smoking sign strategically placed.

Any place where no smoking or vaping signs are placed means you are prohibited from smoking or vaping. You may find a no smoking symbol in restaurants, hotels, public bus waiting areas, and many other places. In public places, people are only allowed to smoke where there are smoking signs. The purpose of having a no vaping sign or no smoking logo is to protect the public from smoking-related ailments.

No Smoking Signs

What does a no smoking sign mean?

A no vaping sign or a no tobacco sign is a prohibition sign. It is a visual warning that vaping or smoking is not permitted in the designated location. No smoking or vaping signs make it very evident that no one can be allowed to smoke or vape in that area. The sign targets people who smoke tobacco and all types of tobacco products.

A no smoking logo is a pictogram that features a lit cigarette. The cigarette is placed inside a red circle. There is a diagonal line that runs across the circle.

This is the globally accepted no tobacco sign.  Even if the symbol contains no text, the public should respect and obey its message. Some no smoking or vaping signs may contain the “No Smoking” text.

The purpose of the text is to emphasize the warning. Nowadays, smoking signs are widely distributed across nearly every public place and business. They can be found displayed in places such as:

  • Eating places such as restaurants and hotels
  • Workplaces – for employees, visitors
  • Airports
  • Transit hubs
  • Factories
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Public entertainment places
  • Outdoor and indoor visitors area in an office

No Smoking Symbols

What is the purpose of having smoking signs?

The different types of no smoking or vaping signs serve a wide range of purposes. The main goal of having them is to promote public health and tell them about every danger that smoking poses. Whenever you see a no smoking symbol, it will be serving one of the following purposes.

  • Promotion of public health
    It is the responsibility of the government and public health professionals to promote public health. Health reports show that exposure to secondhand smoke is more harmful than firsthand smoke.
    Due to this, the government puts smoking signs in designated places where smoking is allowed. In areas where smoking is not allowed, they put a no vaping sign or a no tobacco sign.
  • Protecting the environment
    A no smoking sign can be placed strategically to protect the environment. Environmental protection can be done in several ways. When people smoke, that smoke goes into the air.
    More smoke builds up and pollutes the air. In dry places, smoking can cause fires that might extensively damage the environment. Having a no smoking logo can help keep the environment safe from fire.
  • Enhancing safety
    Safety is important, especially in workplaces. Its importance is emphasized in places where flammable chemicals are found. Greater safety precautions need to be taken in gas stations and gas processing and storage plants.
    Smoking could put the entire place on fire and cause great damage and losses. These losses can be prevented by sticking a no smoking symbol strategically.
  • Promoting no smoking habits
    There have been a lot of campaigns trying to drive people away from smoking. As part of building clean and smoke-free environments, using no smoking or vaping signs can help smokers consider quitting smoking.

No Vaping Signs

How many types of no smoking or vaping signs are there?

Prohibitory smoking signs come in many types and forms. Each design has a specific goal it serves. Nevertheless, all of them send a specific message to the public. They remind them not to smoke in public and to be health conscious. Smoking signs come in different types.

  • The universal no smoking logo. The universal no smoking symbol is the standardized no tobacco sign. It is a visual sign that contains only a lit cigarette, a circle, and a line crossing them.
  • Customized no tobacco sign. A customized no smoking symbol is designed to meet a specific corporate or public need. It is designed based on local laws or religious beliefs. It may adopt different colors and graphics.
  • Multi-language no smoking sign. A multi-language sign is placed in areas where the population is multi-lingual. There might not be a common language in such areas. The no vaping sign or no smoking logo is designed in a language that the majority of the population can understand. The sign may include several commonly spoken languages. It ensures the majority of the population gets the message and acts upon it.
  • Text-based no tobacco sign. A text-based sign does not contain any symbol. It contains words only. It may contain texts such as “Smoke-free Area” or “Smoking Not Allowed”. Some text-based signs may contain additional information such as enforcement and fines. 

No Smoking Or Vaping Signs

Is it okay to smoke if there is no “No Smoking Sign”?

The fact that you don’t find any smoking signs in an area does not offer you a guarantee to smoke. Each geographic area is controlled by specific smoking or not smoking laws. For instance, you may not begin to smoke in an office just because there are no smoking or vaping signs anywhere.

The same principle applies to the streets. The authorities may not put no smoking signs everywhere. You need to go deeper and find out what smoking laws govern the city, town, state, or country. If you are in a private property, find out the smoking guidelines that must be observed within the property.

In some instances, you might want to practice common courtesy even if there is no prohibition. Other important considerations you might want to make are health and safety concerns. For instance, you cannot be expected to smoke in a healthcare facility or a gas station. It is important to be aware of the people around you and respect them.