30 Printable Graph Papers Templates (Free)

If you have studied higher statistics and maths, you certainly know about the printable graph paper and its uses. These are sheets of paper printed with fine lines and are mainly used for plotting experimental data, mathematical functions or for drawing diagrams and designs.

Graph Paper Templates

When do you need graph paper?

First and foremost, you’re meant to write or draw on printable graph paper. The fine lines stand horizontally and vertically, are equally spaced, and to create several tiny square boxes.

One use of graph printable grid paper is when you need to illustrate things in scale. Instead of that tedious job of measuring each of the lines using a ruler, you can use this paper with its lines serving as your guide. Here are some of the most common uses of graph paper:

  • For students, this paper is ideal for jotting down notes for math subjects.
  • You can use the graph paper as a 2D ruler. Rather than putting a ruler on an object, use the paper.
  • You can use it to perform multi-digit math. Having several numbers in a small space can become confusing when determining the numbers you should add, subtract, multiply, and so on. Using this paper will keep those numbers aligned and neat.
  • For simpler functions, you can use this paper as an aid for writing, especially for kids still learning how to write. Moreover, you can use it to help them separate words since children typically have issues with spacing.
  • You can fill-in-the-blocks with colors to make graph art.
  • You can use the paper to create mazes and crossword puzzles.
  • You can use the paper to play the dot game. This works best when the grid lines are quite big and very light so that you can use a pencil or pen to make them darker.

Printable Grid Papers

Can I print my own graph paper?

People often undervalue printable graph paper compared to today’s notebooks. Decades ago, students, especially those who majored in science and math always valued having this tool template.

Today, people use a graph paper template for creating crochet patterns, ideal gardens or even works of art. But for research documents or complex equations that require the use of the Y and X axes, this paper is a must-have.

Since this paper isn’t used as much today than before, it has become quite pricey. Fortunately, you can just print your own template. You can do this either by downloading a template online or creating your own template from scratch.

What size is standard graph paper?

Printable graph paper comes in various sizes, each used for several different purposes. Also, each size of the grid paper template has a specific reason for its existence. Here are the standard sizes:

  • Centimeter Graph Paper
    Just as the name suggests, this paper has 1cm x 1cm squares and the sheet size is 8.5″ wide and 11″ long. This size is the most commonly used by students of different subjects.
  • 5mm Graph Paper
    This is the standard graph paper for the Cartesian System and it is typically used by engineers to create projects that they plan to build. The use of this size of paper can make work easier as it gives you a rough estimate of the structure you plan to build.
    With this size, it’s simpler and easier to make figures compared to drawing figures on a blank sheet and it also gives you the right scale of the figure you’re drawing with the right size.
  • 10 Squares Per Inch Graph Paper
    If you need to work using measurements based on inches on paper, then this paper size will be just what you need. For one, you won’t have to waste too much time counting how many inches you’ve covered.
    Using this paper size can make you more productive. Then you can use the time you have saved to do other productive things at work.
  • 1/4-Inch Graph Paper
    As the name implies, this paper size, which is also called “quad paper” has the length of 4 boxes in one inch. It varies from standard graph paper. Whenever you need this graph paper size, you may download it for free. As with all the other sizes, you can work on the template online and print it too.
  • 1/2-Inch Graph Paper
    This is a lot like the 1/4 size except that the inch has the size of 2 grids instead of 4. You can’t use this paper size for 2-dimensional figures. However, you can solve mathematical equations on this paper size and use it for recording experimental data.
  • 1-Inch Graph Paper
    This is a lot like the 1/2 and 1/4 inch graph paper except this time, the size of 1 grid is equal to 1-inch. Like the 1/2-inch size, you can’t use this paper size for making 2-dimensional figures.
    But you can use it to help children understand the figures better. Moreover, you can use this size to teach children how to draw. You can even use this size for presentations where the audience is far from the figure. This means that this size is a good choice for specific purposes.

Printable Graph Papers

How to make your own printable graph paper?

Printable graph paper has many other practical uses other than mathematics or science. For one, you can use this to teach kids or students to develop their skills in drawing two-dimensional figures.

In the home front, you can use a grid paper template for renovation projects. Though you can easily download grid-lined templates, learning how to create your own is an easy and quick process. Follow these steps for Microsoft Word:

  • Open the program and launch a new blank document.
  • Click on Ribbon then Design tab.
  • Click on the Page Color button then select Fill Effects from the dropdown menu. Add Fill Effects of your choice.
  • Click the Pattern tab to see the available design choices. For a standard graph paper appearance, you can select the Large grid or Small grid pattern. Choose the pattern tiles and see the name shown in the box above the menu for selecting colors. Select your preference.
  • Use the default background and foreground color, which is black and white. You can also choose a color for the background and foreground to give your template 1 unique appearance.
  • Click on OK.