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Consent Forms

Although waxing procedures might seem simple, they aren’t free of unexpected incidents that could result in damages or injuries. Therefore, it’s important before performing waxing treatments to have your clients fill in a waxing consultation form or consent form. This signed document will free them from liabilities by providing the clients with details about post-waxing side effects like skin sensitivity. Through waxing consent form, the client will become fully aware of the consequences and their signature means that they have accepted any possible consequences.

Waxing Consent Forms

What is a waxing consent form?

A waxing intake form is specifically designed for use in waxing facilities. It provides information about various treatments along with details about the potential risks like pain or swelling on or around the waxed area. The form also has a waiver that releases you (the waxer) from liabilities while you work with your clients.

A waxing waiver will clarify that you have explained the procedure to the client and that there is the possibility of discomfort during the waxing treatment. The form will also list the common potential side effects, most common of which are scabbing, irritations, bruising, swelling, scarring, tenderness, pimples, hyper-pigmentation, and flaking.

Waxing Consultation Forms

What should the form include?

It has become standard practice for most cosmetic procedures for the client must fill out some type of consent form. In the case of waxing, the waxing release form will provide the client with all of the information they need to make an informed decision. As for you, you can use the form to protect yourself and your business from liabilities in the event that something goes wrong.

The waxing procedure involves hair removal where you use a sticky substance to pull out body hair from the root. The effect of waxing lasts longer compared to shaving and you can do this on most body parts. Of course, there are also some downsides including the possibility of ingrown hairs, minor bleeding, and mild pain.

A condition called “skin lifting” could also occur wherein the top layer of the client’s skin gets pulled away with the hair. These are some reasons why asking your clients to fill out a waxing consent form is essential. When creating this form, include the following elements:

Important information about the treatment

You can use a waxing consent form to inform your clients of what will happen during the procedure. You must make your clients aware that once they sign the form, they will become responsible for any ramifications or responsibilities for any symptoms or side-effects they might experience along with any concerns they must know in terms of aftercare.

You can also use a consent form for a guardian or a parent to sign if they will allow their under-aged child (below 18 years of age) to have a waxing treatment. Waxing consent forms are fairly straightforward. There are many different samples and templates you can download. These will give your clients a better idea of what to expect.

Client’s details

The waxing form should contain the details of the client including the treatment they have chosen. You must also ask for details from your client like:

  • If they have allergies to any waxing products or ingredients.
  • If they are currently going through any medical care for conditions like hyper-pigmentation, cancer, and more.
  • If they have diabetes or any other medical conditions.
  • If they recently had other treatments done that might make their skin more sensitive like Retin-A, alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic peels, or Accutane.

 Treatment details

The next section of the form should discuss what’s involved in the waxing treatment. Include here anything that your clients should know about like after effects, side effects, risks, and the outcomes they can expect. This section should be as detailed as possible to make sure that your clients will understand everything and ask questions they might have before they sign the form.

Aftercare details

You should also include in the form an aftercare treatment section where you will explain to your clients what they need to do after the waxing treatment. This includes details about dealing with swelling, minor discomfort, or redness.

The last part of the form contains the waiver and release portions. These will protect you from any issues if something goes wrong after the treatment. It will state here that your clients fully understand their aftercare responsibilities and that you have explained everything to them clearly.

Waxing Intake Forms

Types of waxing consent forms

A waxing waiver form is a document used by waxing facilities to gather information and document the granted consent from the clients. With this form, you can educate your clients effectively, particularly about the preparations of the waxing treatments, the procedures involved, and the required aftercare. In addition, waxing forms also serve as your protection from claims and lawsuits of clients due to unfortunate events or injuries during or after the procedure. Here are the different types of forms you can use:

New client consent form

This is a form for new clients where you ask them to share their information before any consultation or waxing procedure. The main purpose of this form is to record the general information of your new clients and inform them about the background, procedures, and side effects of the treatment.

Pre-wax form

You would have your clients sign this form if they have already undergone a waxing procedure in the past. With this form, the client can also specify the type of procedure they had. They also need to indicate the part of their body where they got the previous treatment. The client should state their name on the acknowledgment section too. This will indicate that they fully acknowledge that they have read and understood the information in the form.

Body waxing and facial consent form

This type of form requires various products. This is because you will use various procedures as compared to simple waxing. This is the reason why it is very important that your clients receive adequate information about the type of procedures they will have. Present this form to your clients and make sure they affix their signature.

Waxing Release Forms

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