40 Printable Eyelash Extension Consent Forms (100% Free)

False lashes make your eyes look attractive but the application process is sensitive. Your natural lashes could break off, or the lash glue might glue your entire eye. Sometimes the application process could lead to an eye injury, allergies, or infections. These are outcomes that could lead to lawsuits.

If you want to apply for your lash extensions on DIY, you take all responsibility but if you paid a lash specialist to apply them on you, the court would determine who takes responsibility. To protect the specialist and the customer, a lash consent waiver is signed by both parties before the application.

Eyelash Extension Consent Forms

What is a lash consent form template?

It is a form signed by a lash expert and their client before the expert applies lashes on them. The form is signed to protect both parties in case something goes wrong during the application or after. The client agrees to the terms and conditions set by the lash expert and once they sign the form, they are bound by it.

Lash Extension Waivers

What to disclose when signing a lash extension consent form

A few days before the appointment day, the lash expert may email you a printable eyelash extension waiver form to answer a series of questions, agree with the conditions, sign, and email it back.

The form is supposed to protect you and if you fail to disclose some information or exaggerate some, it might work against you. These are some of the details that you must disclose in the lash consent form template.

  • State if you have used false extensions before
  • State if you have ever had to remove your false lashes before time. You must give the reasons why you decided to remove them and be specific.
  • Declare if you have ever gone tanning either inside or out
  • Declare if you are pregnant
  • Declare if you tend to pick or pluck your lashes often
  • Declare your sleeping position such as on your back, stomach, the right or left side.

There will be another section that asks about your medical history. You will be required to give details such as allergies, if you are under medication, eye diseases, use of fertility drugs, etc.

This information will help the lash expert to decide if they will fix lash extensions on you or not. If your health condition is not good or your allergic levels are too high, the lash expert might advise avoiding lash extensions.

Printable Eyelash Extension Waiver Forms

Details to include in a lash extension waiver 

Before preparing a lash consent form template, there are a few things you should consider that will make your form have as many details as possible. You should prepare a printable eyelash extension waiver form that you can email your clients to fill from home to save time. The form should include the following details.

Give details of what the client is required to do

The lash extension waiver should give details of what is expected from the client before false lash application and after. The client should agree to follow the guidelines for caring for their false lashes after application.

For example, before the appointment day,

  • The client should discontinue the use of mascara at least three days earlier.
  • They should clean their lashes and face before they arrive at the expert’s premises.
  • They should not use oil-based products on their eyes and should clean their hair at least 24 hours earlier.
  • Their eyes should not have eye contact
  • The client should wash their body before the appointment and wear comfortable clothing.

Give details of what the client should expect

This gives details of the procedures followed on the appointment day. The client will lay flat on the massage table and the process might take anything between two to three hours. If the lashes are applied properly, they should last between 10 to 14 days if the customer takes good care of them.

Expectations for caring for lash extensions

  • The client should refrain from rubbing their eyes
  • not use moisturizers
  • not to use mascara or strictly use water-based mascara if they have to
  • The lash extensions should be brushed daily.
  • The client should not sleep on their stomach
  • To avoid using a lash curler
  • Not to pull the lashes or pluck them
  • Brush the lashes in the morning and evening daily

Give your conditions

These are conditions that protect the lash expert against any legal suits that their client may decide to pursue. For example, a client may develop an allergy even though they have never experienced the condition before. The client might insist it was because of the lash expert hygiene. The lash consent form template protects the lash expert from such claims.

Lash extension consent form design

A printable eyelash extension waiver form design should include the following details

Details of the lash expert company

These are the details of the company, such as the name of the company, physical location, telephone contact, email address, and the contact person if possible.

Details of the client

The lash extension waiver should have the full names of the client, their street address, state, and postal code. The phone number and email address should be current. It should have the name of the state they are located in and the city/suburb.

The agreement statement

The agreement statement is a declaration that the client has read and understood the conditions contained in the form. The client declares that they have not withheld any information but have declared everything in detail to the best of their knowledge.

The client agrees that they have understood the risks that may occur occasionally and they agree to care for their lashes after application.

Date and signature 

This is the date when the client signed the form. If it is a printable eyelash extension waiver form, the client may print, sign and then upload a photo of the form. If it’s not printable, they can use an e-signature and email it to the lash expert. They may also wait to sign on the appointment day.

The eyelash extension consent form is mostly given to new clients because the lash expert may not know their health preconditions or their personalities. If the client is regular, they might not need to sign a form every time they visit for a lash extension appointment.

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