28 Amazing Scholarship Certificate Templates [Award]

Students who want to pursue studies in a college or university apply for different scholarships available to them. This enables them to afford the various expenses related to their courses. Receiving a scholarship has a positive impact on students as it is a great way to recognize and reward their efforts while encouraging them to keep doing their best. The best way to honor their academic achievements is by giving them a scholarship certificate.

Scholarship Certificate Templates

What is a certificate of scholarship?

A scholarship certificate comes with financial assistance and this goes to students based on their academic performance or some other criteria that might require a scholarship like a disadvantaged background or the financial need. In most cases, the student doesn’t need to repay the money they receive.

Scholarships for students are wonderful awards because they can become incentives for the student to realize their dreams of pursuing college. Without one, students who cannot afford to pursue higher education, no matter how qualified they are, might not choose to attend college.

Scholarships generally come in the form of money awarded to deserving high school students or employees so that they can pursue their college education. You can create a scholarship certificate template to go with financial aid. Usually, the money would be for paying tuition, accommodations, books, and other school expenses.

Students who perform well in their studies receive recognition too, and these can come in the form of certificates. This incentive further encourages them to continue doing their best. The certificate, which looks like a school diploma or other type of official document, can be a source of pride for students to show off their achievements. Later, it becomes part of their portfolio.

scholarship award templates

What to include?

Scholarships go to deserving students for various reasons and the scholarship certificate that goes with these are part of the student’s achievements. The certificate serves as evidence of the student’s GPA, talents, and skills, depending on why they received the scholarship in the first place.

The scholarship award certificate should contain clear and concise information about the scholarship to enable students to share what they have accomplished that merited them the award. When making this certificate, make sure to include the following information:

  • The complete name of the student.
  • The institution or school they attended when they received the scholarship.
  • The date when you issued the certificate.
  • The type of scholarship you awarded to the student like merit-based, college-specific, career-specific, creative or athletic.
  • The reason why the student received the scholarship.
  • The name of the scholarship.
  • The name of the person or organization that awarded the scholarship along with a signature from an authorized representative.

How to create a scholarship certificate?

Scholarships are very much appreciated by the students who have earned them, as well as, the organizations that provided them. The token of such appreciation is typically contained in every scholarship award template.

When it’s time for you to create a scholarship certificate, you must take into consideration the design of the certificate too. This includes the layout, graphics, frame, and other elements on the page. Base the design on the field of the scholarship that you’re awarding to the students.

For instance, when making a scholarship award for a student with superb academic abilities, you may use many graphics in its design – like the image of a famous celebrity athlete. You may also use various font styles to make the document look more stylish. You can even use a design with some witty wording.

If you’re making a certificate for a scholarship based on careers or academics, the design should maintain a more formal appearance. The wordings you use should also take a formal stance wherein you address the candidates with titles if any.

In the absence of titles, words like Miss, Mr. or Mrs. would be most appropriate. Use a simple and elegant frame and you shouldn’t include any unnecessary pictures or graphics in these certificates.

Scholarship Award Certificates

How do students apply for a scholarship?

Students qualified to apply for scholarships are more than willing to spend a few hours to perfect their applications. These few well-spent hours are a thousand-fold better than paying off student loan debts. Here are a few pointers students should keep in mind to increase their chances of getting a scholarship certificate and the financial aid that comes with it:

  • Search for local scholarships and apple for these
    Generally, there are always plenty of local scholarships offered by different organizations, businesses, and other benefactors. Since these local scholarships are specifically for the members of the community, the chances of winning this type of scholarship will be relatively high.
    A student having a difficult time looking for local scholarships can ask some of their guidance counselors, teachers, community portals, local media websites, internet searches or people in the community who have graduated after successfully receiving scholarship.
  • Search for smaller scholarship opportunities
    The line of thinking of most students looking for scholarship awards is to look for the biggest ones, especially if their target is to get into a well-known university. But these scholarships are more difficult to land as there is a growing number of interested applicants.
    Why then should students wait for something uncertain when they can try out for a smaller scholarship that offers greater odds of acceptance. These scholarships might not cover all of the bases but they will be enough to finance the student’s basic necessities.
  • Consider scholarships that come with workloads
    Students should also consider applying for scholarships with workloads as these are the ones that other applicants avoid. To increase the chances of bagging one of these scholarships, students should spend some time creating an essay, a video presentation or other things to support their applications.
    These might demand a substantial amount of effort and time but are worth considering to make the odds favor them. For students who are truly up to the challenge, they can compose an essay between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Personalize applications
    Most students apply for several scholarships at a time and this could be quite stressful. Why not apply for only those they are truly interested in? This way, the student can add their personal thoughts by mentioning concepts that reveal who they are as a person. Scholarships that focus on one’s passion usually result in more effective submissions.

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