37 FREE Christmas Borders and Frames

There are different types of borders you can create and use. These are used for your documents, certificates, letters, and such. But by far, the most fun and festive to create are Christmas borders.

Christmas borders and frames add an element of flair and festivity to any document. You can use them as a starting point when you’re creating Christmas-themed certificates. Also, these are useful for cards, invitations or even holiday decorations.

Such borders usually feature Christmas images and icons like lights, snowflakes, and holly. When you make your own borders for Christmas, you can use some free clipart.

Free Christmas Borders

How to use Christmas Borders

Christmas borders and frames are quite easy to distinguish from other borders. It is so because they’re colorful, festive, and usually contain images. These are typically associated with Christmas.

There are many ways you can use such borders, from letters to certificates to worksheets. Here are some suggestions on how to use festive holiday borders:

  • Christmas party invitations. Invite family and friends over to your Christmas party. You can do so by using invitations which have festive borders.
  • Christmas Printable. These are available in wide variety. Such as bunting banners, certificates, drawing sheets, and more.
  • Letter to/from Santa. Create a letter template for your child. Ask your child to write a letter to Santa. Also, write a card on behalf of “Santa” writing back to your child.
  • Printable Christmas Cards. Use a border to jazz up your holiday cards. This will give them a jolly and festive look.
  • Printable Christmas Games. Find some printable games online. Re-create them with a Christmas theme using the borders you made.
  • Thank you letter for Christmas Gifts. Show your appreciation to the people in your life. You can thank them for sending you gifts through a thank you letter with a Christmas clip art borders.
  • Christmas worksheets. Make study more fun-filled by giving your child Christmas-themed worksheets with free Christmas borders, you’ve downloaded online.
  • Christmas Stationery. Create your own customized stationery. You can use it for the holidays. Do it with fun and colorful borders.

There are so many ways you can use Christmas borders and frames. And all these ways will definitely add a fun element to your printed items. If you find yourself struggling to create something with such a border, we can help out.

Let’s go through some steps to follow for making a Letter to Santa using a free Christmas border:

  • First, open Microsoft Word (or any other software you’re comfortable using). Set the page size and margins then open a search engine on your browser.
  • Search for Christmas clip art borders and choose one from this page website.
  • Copy the border (make sure it’s free!) and paste it into your document.
  • Resize the border to fit your document so your letter to Santa would have a colorful holiday border.
  • Insert a text box and start typing your letter. You can use different fonts, font sizes, and colors too.

It’s that simple! All you need is some creativity and you’ll be able to create festive and jolly items to print out and enjoy.

Christmas Frames

Common images to use when making a Christmas border

After getting knowledge about using these, you can make your own borders and frames. You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. If you’re planning to use images for your border, there is a lot to choose from.

Here are the most common images and icons to use for such borders:

  • Santa, Santa’s hat, Santa’s costume, a snowy chimney
  • Snow, snowflakes, flurries, snowmen, snowy scene
  • Holly with leaves
  • Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments
  • Stars, angels, holy icons
  • Arctic animals wearing Santa hats and scarves

Actually, there are so many images to choose from. These include clipart of children and people wearing Christmas attires. The image you choose to make your border will depend on what you’ll use the border for.

Christmas ClipArt Borders

How to make a Christmas border

By now you’re probably excited to start creating your own Christmas clip art borders. It’s actually not that difficult to create your own border. You can use images, lines, and program of your choice on the computer. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. First, open Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. You may also use whatever software you’re comfortable with. The basic steps are the same anyway.
  2. Format your document. Set the paper size, margins, and orientation of your document. All these depend on what you’re planning to make. You can use a landscape orientation when making certificates, cards, and other printables. On the other hand, you can use a portrait orientation. This is helpful for making letters, stationery, and worksheets. Once you’ve finished the formatting, open your browser and go to your choice of search engine. Search for free Christmas clipart and copy an image. You can use different images if you want and use them in a pattern around the border.
  3. Paste the image into your document and resize it. Usually, images on borders are small so they don’t take up much space. Place the image on the corner of your document, copy it, and paste the duplicate into the document.
  4. Move the duplicate image right next to the original one. Keep doing this until you’ve pasted your Christmas image all around your document. Lastly, end it by creating a border.
  5. When you’ve surrounded the whole page, select all the images and group them together. This is the easiest way to make a border. There are many other ways to do so.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start creating different kinds of festive borders. Do so by using different styles, colors, and images.