40+ Certificate of Participation Templates

A certificate of participation is a document given to people who takes part in a certain event. It’s used by groups and organization all over the world. It helps to recognize the people who attend the events they hold.

Creating a certificate of participation template is not complex as you may think. Acknowledging participants of an event is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. All who became a part of a meeting, workshop, conference, training program gets encouraged.

Aside from organizations, schools, offices companies or other groups may give out certificates. Usually, the groups award such documents to the participants at the end of an event. It’s meant to acknowledge a person’s participation as well as what he/she did for the event.

Certificate of Participation Templates

When to use a certificate of participation

A certificate of participation holds significant importance. It serves as proof that someone took part in a significant event. This can be a competition, an activity, a training session, a financial exchange or other kinds of relevant affairs. A local government or another kind of authority may need certificates for several reasons.

It may also be necessary to prove that a person had met the terms of a legal prerequisite. There are many distinct reasons to use such a certificate. Let’s go through some of those reasons:

  • We’ve said that such a document may serve as proof of participation. If an individual participates in a conference, the organization may issue a certificate.
  • On hosting a conference, you should consider creating a certificate and award the attendees. This serves as evidence to their employers and it also serves as a keepsake for them.
  • You can also give out certificates when you’re hosting an event in the community. Award the document to the people who participate in the event to show your appreciation. It will also generate publicity for your business, organization or group.
  • You may also use this type of certificate in real estate financing. It would serve as an official financial document. Investors may use it to signify the purchase of a share of lease revenues.
  • Another way you can use participation certificate is when you run rehabilitation programs. You can award certificates to individuals who completed your alcohol or drug programs. This certificate would be a great reminder of their success.

Besides these, you may make a certificate of participation template and give to participants. You can do so if your local government requires it. Some instances of this include:

  • To show financial solvency so the person may get a loan. This can be done for a lease, a long-term payment for a debt or other kinds of agreements involving finances.
  • To show that an individual achieved competency in a specific area. These include employment, legal permits, child custody, and more.
  • To serve as a document presented to a bond counsel in some kinds of cases in criminal law.
  • To serve as a document presented to a regulatory group. It happens for the purposes of general obligation.
  • To serve as evidence for an eligibility for licensing and such.

These are just some examples of how you may use such a document. There may be many other reasons out there. The point is, such certificates are truly relevant and useful.

Editable Certificate of Participation

Elements of a certificate of participation

Different businesses make use of different certificate of participation samples. Usually, the template depends on how the person-in-charge designs it. When you’re giving out this kind of certificate to professionals, remember to keep it simple.

But if you’re giving it out in a more casual setting, you can get more creative in designing your certificate. Either way, the certificate must reflect the purpose of your event as well as the organization.

When making a certificate of participation template, you must design it. It should be in accordance with the company theme or for an event. However, there are certain elements which you must include while making such certificates. Include all these elements to make your document as official as possible:

  • First off, you need to include the name of the organization. You should write this at the very top along with a logo if you have one.
  • Then, place the title of the certificate. Make sure that the title is bold and clear. Do this so that anyone who sees it will know what it’s for immediately. For the title, you may use a font different from the rest of the text.
  • Next, you must include the name of the participant. You should already have a list of all the full names of the people who are attending your event. Make sure the spellings are correct. If you want, you may give out a registration form where the participant writes his/her full name.
  • You should include the designation of the participant and the name of the participant’s organization. This is important especially if your event is voluntary in nature. It is a must when it involves social work.

If your event only involves people within your organization, just include the designation. But if it involves different organizations or companies, include both.

  • The next thing to add is the name of the event. You may also include the purpose of your event along with the date when you hosted it.
  • Then, write the participant’s performance. You may write down any remarks about what the participant did during the event.
  • Finally, write the names of the signatories. Also, include signature lines where the authorized people may affix their signatures. You place this at the bottom of the certificate. Lay the names out according to how many people will sign the certificate. Adding this element will make the certificate official.

These are the major elements of a certificate. You may add more but it’s best not to remove these parts as they are all important. Again, remember to think about your template’s design carefully too. Do this so you can come up with a well-worded, professional-looking certificate.

Why do you need a certificate of participation?

When a person participates in an event, an activity, a tournament or other affairs, he gets a document.  It gives the individual a concrete credential along with a sense of fulfillment. He or she takes pride in it.

Most times, these kinds of certificates serve as proof and as a great reminder for the effort you put in the event. It may also serve a different purpose as the traditional award certificates. In financing, this document indicates that an investor bought a share of lease revenues.

The main purpose of such a document is to ensure that each participant in each event gets recognition. It’s a concrete representation of an individual’s commitment to the affair.

Even if the participants don’t put much value on the document, it still serves as a great keepsake. You may award it for the activity they involved themselves in.

Certificate of Participation Wording

Making your own certificate of participation template

We’ve already gone through the essential elements of a certificate of participation sample. Now let’s move on to how you can make a template for yourself. Typically, making various kinds of certificates follow the same steps.

You’ll need a software you’re familiar and comfortable to create an impressive document. Here are some steps you may follow:

  • The very first thing you need to place on your certificate is your company’s name. Place this in the middle, at the very top of your document. If your company also has a logo, include the image on the certificate too. Usually, you can place the logo on the left side of your company’s name.
  • Right below the name of your company, write the title of your certificate. You should also make sure that the title is at the center of your document. Use a bold font that’s easy-to-read. You can also use a bigger font size for the title so it’s the first thing anyone will see.
  • Under the title, write the presentation line. This is a short and simple line of text which you can work differently. The font would be a lot smaller in size as compared to the title.
  • After this, write the name of the recipient. You need to write the person’s full name especially if it’s going to serve as an official document. Use a big font size for this too, but not as big as the title. After the name, you can include the person’s designation and the name of his company. Only include the name of the company if the person doesn’t come from your own company.
  • Then, write the name of the event and the date when you held it. This is minor information, so you may use a smaller and simpler font. With this information, you may also write a brief description of the event. Also, talk about any other remarks if a person did anything extra. It must show something extra more than participating in the event.
  • Finally, write down all the names of the signatories. If there’s just one, you may place his/her name and the signature line in the middle. But if there are more, you may have to think about how you’ll lay out all the signatories’ names.

Before you print out your certificate, make sure to proofread it first. This is especially important if you’re making the certificate from scratch. Ensure that grammar and spellings are correct before printing the certificate. There is no looking back the certificate gets printed on the special paper.

Aside from the text, you also need to think about the graphic elements of your certificate. Whether you’re making a casual certificate or an official one, you need to put in a lot of thought to these elements:

  • Page border. Certificates don’t have to include a border. However, you’ll usually find this component on certificate templates. You may use a fancy border or a more traditional one. The page border sets the tone for your certificate so choose wisely.
  • Company logo, seal or other images. You may add your company’s logo to your certificate. Either that or insert an image related to your event. Some certificates may also have a seal affixed to them to make them look more official or legal.
  • Lines. Finally, think about the lines you place on your certificate. Usually, the lines would appear under the recipient’s name, description, date, and signatures. If you’re planning to make a generic template, you may use lines. So, all you must do for the next certificates is fill in the blanks.

Certificate of Participation Samples

Other tips for making a certificate of participation

Awarding a certificate of participation to individuals is a profound way. It shows respect towards them. It makes them feel that you appreciate their involvement. This is another type of certificate which you may give to a person in recognition for their efforts. It’s quite easy to make such a document if you know what to write on it.

To help you out further, here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Brand your certificate by placing your organization’s name and logo. It makes the certificate credible and it also serves as a promotion for your company.
  • State the purpose of your certificate and the event you hosted. Keep the statement short, clear, and complete.
  • Check your grammar and spelling throughout the document. If you want to give out a professional certificate, make sure to proofread it first.
  • Ask all important people in your organization to sign the certificate. This will add to its formality and credibility.
  • Keep it simple, concise, and professional. That is unless you’re giving out a certificate for a casual or fun event.

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