30 Professional Certificate of Appreciation Templates

It’s always a good thing to give credit where and when it’s due. Often, a person or group would voluntarily offer assistance or help during times of crisis or in making a worthy event successful. One way to show gratitude towards such acts is by making a certificate of appreciation template.

Certificate of Appreciation Templates

What is a certificate of appreciation?

You can use a certificate of appreciation template for different purposes. The main purpose of this document is to give a small token to a group or person who has made a difference. This simple gesture also helps encourage others to continue performing in ways that benefit your organization.

An important component of good management is the boosting and nurturing of morale. One way to achieve this is by commemorating employees, athletes or students with an appreciation certificate. As a result, you can create a more productive and happier school or work environment.

Appreciation Certificates

When do you need a certificate of appreciation?

An excellent way to create healthy working relationships with your employees, students, volunteers, and even your bosses is by giving them recognition for their hard work. Such recognition can come in many forms – like in an employee or volunteer certificate of appreciation.

The certificate gives a person a lasting remembrance that reminds them of the great work they have done, the gratitude they have received, and the positive impact they had on others. You can award a certificate of appreciation template for the following reasons:

  • Improved Workplace Cohesion and Productivity
    Studies have shown that appreciating and recognizing the work of employees have a positive effect on the workplace. Among all of the job resources you provide, appreciation is the strongest predictor for various aspects of work engagement.
    With regards to teachers, their feeling of getting appreciated helps them in stressful situations to remain motivated and maintain positivity when interacting with problematic students.
  • Achieving a Work-Life Balance
    If you give support and appreciation to your employees, you can reduce the perception of work spillover, which has a preventive impact. Such support also improves the perception of external adaptation which has a therapeutic impact. The appreciation that you show to volunteers and workers can be a reliable predictor of how well employees feel in terms of achieving a work-life balance.
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    Running a non-profit organization usually involves many hard-working individuals who have voluntarily given their expertise and time to your cause. Showing your appreciation to these volunteers could sometimes be quite tricky.
    But saying “thank you” is still important and giving certificates that show appreciation or appreciation letters can bridge the hiatus between not saying anything and providing your volunteers with a remembrance that they will cherish for a long time.
  • Other Reasons
    You can also give this certificate for the following reasons:
    To show appreciation to your team after they completed a long or complex project.
    To show appreciation to your stellar performers.
    To include the recipient as part of a bigger program of excellence and appreciation.

Employee Appreciation Certificates

How do you write a certificate of appreciation?

It is important to show appreciation for the achievements and efforts of employees, students, volunteers, and anyone who works exceptionally. Some companies even spend a lot of money on rewards and prizes to show their appreciation.

But to many employees, receiving a simple certificate of appreciation template is already motivation enough to keep doing their best. To them, a simple employee appreciation certificate is the best reward.

It is then incumbent upon your organization to come up with a worthy certificate of appreciation template – and you can do this using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Choose a theme for your certificate
    You can either design your own certificate or choose a pre-designed one from the templates offered by the software. The theme should incorporate the same color scheme as your organization or company. You can also select a different theme then modify the colors to match your brand.
  • Determine the type and purpose
    Decide on how much information you need to include in the template to make enough space for all aspects.
  • Insert text boxes for the information
    To do this, follow these steps:
    Click on the Insert tab then click on the Text Box icon.
    Click then drag from the first vertical gridline to the last vertical gridline.
    If necessary, click on the edge of the text box then move it or resize it until it lies just under the first horizontal gridline and has half the height of the grid.
  • Input the text
    To do this, follow these steps:
    Right-click on the text box then select Edit Text from the menu that pops up.
    Input the name of your organization or school in the text box.
    Center the text in the text box by clicking on the center icon in the Home tab’s Paragraph section.
    Again, right-click on the text box then select Copy from the menu that pops up.
    Right-click on the second horizontal gridline from the top then click Paste. If needed, you can click then drag the new text box into the proper location.
    Click inside the text box then revise the text to “Certificate of Appreciation.”
  • Continue creating and editing text boxes as needed
    Edit the text in each of the text boxes you make to add the other required text like “is hereby granted to,” “Employee Name,” “for (name of the achievement, outstanding performance or training course),” “Team or Project Name,” “Awarded To,” “Date,” and “Presenter Name and Title.”
  • Add a line for the presenter’s signature
    To do this, follow these steps:
    Click on the Shapes icon on the Insert tab then select a straight line.
    Click then drag to draw a line for the presenter to affix their signature on the certificate.
  • Finish the template
    For the final touch, you can decorate the certificate with a fancy border, adjust the font colors or insert your organization’s logo somewhere at the top. Save the certificate then print it on standard paper.
    For second opinions, you may consider showing it to your boss or co-workers for feedback before finalizing it and sending it out for printing on cardstock. If you feel satisfied with the template, you can print it on heavy cardstock, trim it, and award it.

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