30 Blank Birth Certificate Templates (& Examples)

A birth certificate template is an official record that states a child’s birth. Depending on your birthplace, the document usually includes your name, your birthplace, the time, the medical institution and the name of the officer who delivered you or the hospital incharge.

Birth Certificate Templates

What is a birth certificate?

After filling a blank birth certificate, it is usually filed with the proper offices or authorities. A birth certificate template is also considered an official document created then issued by the proper authorities to serve as a record of a newborn child’s birth.

You can use this crucial document in different types of situations. The most common entities that certify and record births include hospitals, midwives, and physicians. It is the responsibility of health departments to issue birth certificates based on their own policies.

This document has potential use for discovering outbreaks caused by infectious agents that might cause birth defects or premature delivery. Since this document is only issued for live births, it doesn’t have any use in detecting an increase in miscarriages or fetal deaths caused by infectious diseases.

There are different ways for you to get this document:

  • Make a request for a replacement if you lose your original copy.
  • Apply for representation or certified copy of the original certificate.
  • Depending on your region or location, you can make an affidavit that affirms your date of birth for a replacement of a misplaced or lost certificate.

Today, in the US, it’s not difficult to obtain this document. You can just lodge a request form on the official website of the authorized office for them to mail your certificate to your address.

Blank Birth Certificates

Information in a birth certificate

A printable birth certificate is a document issued by a government that records a child’s birth. You use this for tax, vital statistics, census, and military purposes. When used in the US, this certificate serves as proof of your age, identity, and citizenship status.

In general, a certified true copy of your birth certificate template must have the following information:

  • Your complete name
  • Your place of birth
  • Your date of birth
  • The complete names of your mother and father
  • The official seal of the issuing agency
  • The certificate’s registration date
  • The certificate’s issue date

Some birth certificates are “extracts” or abbreviated versions of the original. These should include the information above too. Extracts leave out any unnecessary information that is only of use to the agency or country that issued the certificate.

Why do you need this document?

A printable birth certificate is very important as it is a requirement in many legal processes. First, it is the document that registers a child’s birth. It’s the legal right of every child born to receive an identity and this is usually the government’s responsibility.

By registering the child’s existence, the government has handed over to them access to medical care, education, and protection. A birth certificate template contains information about the child and other important details.

The document establishes the fact that the child has the legal right to be a citizen or permanent resident of the country. This document is very useful in different ways including:

  • To calculate a country’s infant mortality rate.
  • To generate a public policy that determines what and how much of an essential service it requires.
  • To develop a timely, accurate, and complete statistic about a certain area’s population size.
  • To help health officials spot health-related issues like the health of babies and mothers.
  • To identify health trends in a certain area like HIV, AIDS, birth defects, and so on.
  • To make a priority list of the health illnesses for the determination of funding from the government.
  • To get a job that’s specific for a certain country’s citizens.
  • To vote, participate in international activities, enter military service, apply for various licenses, get a passport, access banking services, obtain inheritance benefits, and apply for property ownership. All of these require you to have this important document.

It is unfortunate that there isn’t a lot of accurate data available from all around the world to use for studies. One major problem related to birth registration is that the process is not given that much importance by the general public.

Most of the time, they aren’t even aware of its significance. As expected, the problem isn’t as prevalent in developed countries for the simple reason that the place where children get born is also responsible for their registration. Parents are usually more concerned about giving their child a name and signing the papers.

In the case of developing countries, however, the entire registration process is the parents’ responsibility, and this process requires a significant amount of effort and money. Either it takes them a long time to register the child or in most cases, they ignore this altogether.

Printable Birth Certificate Examples

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate?

You might wonder how to get a birth certificate when you realize that you need one. You can only obtain a certified true copy of your birth certificate template from the proper government agency.

In the US, the proper agency is the office of vital records in the state of your birth. You can get the name and business address of your state’s vital records office and the cost of acquiring an official copy at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For those born abroad, they can refer to the website of the US Department of State for the names of issuing authorities in each country along with the fees and procedures for getting an official copy of their birth certificate example.

On the upper-left side of the website, they should choose the first letter of their country’s name. Select the country, then click on the Birth, Death, Burial Certificates tab to see the information they need. If the information for their country of birth indicates that birth certificates are either “non-existent” or “unavailable,” they cannot request the document.

Also, remember that birth certificates given by an embassy or a consulate of one’s home country in the US aren’t usually accepted. In such a case, the person should obtain their birth certificate from the issuing authority in their country of birth.